Why Canít We All Just Get Along by Eugene Nerland 72 pages is a book about seeing the sin that lives in each individual life and how we can become more loving toward others. To order send check or money order for $11.00 (includes P&H) to Eugene Nerland, P.O. Box 392, Alliance, NE. 69301. Contact the author by EMAIL or by phone at 308-762-6068


About the Book
About the Author

About the book

It is a simple easy reading book, but carries a great message for mankind. It's purpose is to draw you closer to God so that you can become more loving toward other people.

About the Author

The Author is not a professional of any kind. The Author is a man who labored all his life and learned a lot about God on the journey of life. The Author is a sensitive person who has struggled in areas of life like friendships, anxiety, and depression. God has blessed me very much in these struggles and I would like to pass experiences on to others.

Special thanks to Tom Davis of Old Mountain Press who has helped me in the process of getting my books printed.

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