The 2005 Book of Revelations: What every true Christian should know by Benoni  E. Stone 364 pg ISBN 0-9803873-3-4 $15.00 + $5.00 P&H.  Satan's clever device is working. He is using pastors and preachers to spread false teaching in the church, promote rebellion against God, and raise the population in hell. Using the Holy Bible as reference, the book exposes the scam and shows Christians how to defeat it. To order send check or money order to Mt. Sinai Christian Company, P.O.Box 33431, Washington DC 20033-0431


About the Book
About the Author

The 2005 Book of Revelations

About the book

The book also serves as a manual for Christian leaders and church members. Ideas for pastors about increasing the  church membership by making worship more attractive and meaningful, how to attract non believers to the Jesus camp, and specific Bible Readings for a variety of situations in life, happy and unhappy.

If you think you are a devout Christian and have got all your sums right about your walk with Jesus, read this book and its Bible references, and you may be surprised.

A.  "Did anyone tell you there is no hell? One well known Christian church at least is saying so. To them I say, What Bible have you been reading? Surely it cannot be the same one everybody reads."
B. " The sanctuary of a church should not be used for basketball or any other sport. If the presidents office is not used for parties when he is away, why should the house of God be so desecrated?"
C.  "It is not faith that will take  a Christian to heaven. It is our performance in this world. That is what Jesus says, Only those who do the will of my Father which is in Heaven, they are the ones who will go there in the end."

This book is controversial and reformist, but it is truth. Read it with an open mind, check the references, then make up your mind.

About the Author

Benoni E. Stone is a former CNN and BBC broadcaster, and has been writing Christian books since 2000. This book is his fourth.
He did his Bible studies in London, England, in the 1980s in the Methodist Church followed by preaching dates in several London churches. Soon after coming to the USA he joined the Baptist Church , but opted out and is now an independent Christian minister with no specific affiliations.
Benoni Stone has preached in Boston (MA), Arlington (VA), Columbus (OH), and  Teaneck (NJ). He is now a professional Bible Reader, Bible Teacher and Bible Researcher, and lives in Columbus, Ohio.

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