The Wisdom of God Through Love and Romance by Russell Crews, 90 pg, perfect bound is a reflection of events in my life. It is a mirror of those struggles I have overcome thoughout the years. The Wisdom Of God Through Love and Romance is my way of expressing myself with the wisdom God has giving to me. The book is comprised of words that sing a song of comfort and assurance that no one is alone, and that God give his ear to all who call upon him. Nothing is impossible if only you believe!  Send check or money order for $12.95 + $2.00 P&H to Russell Crews, P.O. Box 2432, Orangeburg, South Carolina 29116 E-mail the Author.


Sample of the Work
About the Author

The Wisdom of God

Sample of the Work

    Going Home

Wake me at noon
For I'm going home
So long I have walked
In the dark an unknown

Truth everlasting
Is what I will find
Cause dout and dispare
Were old friends of mine

But I'm going home
What more can I say
My journey has ended
I arrive there today

And when you see me
Look deep in my face
The lines of torment
Have now been replaced

Replaced with a dream
That speaks to my soul
Coming to save me
Come in from the cold

So far I have traveled
For years I did roam
It's a beautiful day
Cause I'm going home.

About the Author

Poetry became a friend of mind about 10 years ago. While working at Claflin University in the mens dorm I found poetry to be a way to keep busy during the late nigh hours. I've found a love for making words sing as I call it. I've also found a new love for writting short stories, which will be apart of my next book. Growing up without a father was difficult for me, but I managed to channel all of my experience's into something positive. As difficult as prison life was, even here there were lessons for me to learn, people for me to help, another story to tell. As a basketball coach and physical education teacher I stress to my students and players that all anyone can ever ask of you is to do your best. Poetry is just another way I have found to bring out the best in me.

You will never be forgotten, and I want you to know how much I love you my dear sister. It is your insight that has helped me obtain this wisdom. May God always keep you Tammy A. Crews

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