Anasazi Desolation by Jim Gibson (208) page perfect bound), ISBN: 0-9721351-4-6, price $11.95 + $2.50 P&H. The journey from Colorado into the heart of Mexico has been brutal.  Opposed by Sentinels in the world of nonordinary reality, Caleb Stone,the Anasazi princess Shanni,and their followers must overcome their desolation to reach the Center of their ancient Mayan civilization, and uncover its terrible secret.

Anasazi Desolation is the sequel to Anasazi Princess, published in 2001. Published by Pentacles Press in conjunction with Old Mountain Press. To order, send check or money order to: James N. Gibson Enterprises LLC P.O. Box 51, Novi, Michigan 48376 or order on-line secure.
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About the Book

 Anasazi Desolation is the fourth book in the Anasazi Princess series, which began in the hidden cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde in the 1870s.  Forced out of their hidden enclave by drought, the Huastecs (cliff dwellers) must avoid capture by American troops, and raids by marauding renegades, in order to find their way back to the Center of their ancient civilization. 
In Anasazi Desolation, Caleb Stone, the rancher's son who has fallen in love with Shanni, the Huastec princess, is drawn deeper into their quest to find the Center of their homeland, while finding that his fighting skills are useless against their enemies, the Sentinels in the shamanistic world of nonordinary reality.

About the Author

James Gibson grew up on a grassland farm in West Tennessee, riding horses and managing cattle.  After retiring from a career in the automobile industry, he returned to his love of the Old West, writing and publishing four books since 2001.  He and his wife make their home in Northville, Michigan.

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