Anasazi Journey by Jim Gibson 178 page, perfect bound, ISBN: 0-9721351-0-3, $9.95 + $2.50 P&H, published by Pentacles Press in conjunction with Old Mountain Press. The Anasazi Princess saga continues...Anasazi Princess Shanni and her people, the Huastecs, are lost and suffering in the desert of New Mexico as they attempt to journey south to the “Center” of their ancient Mayan homeland. Seeking help, they fall into the hands of renegade leader Kaibito and become his prisoners. The Huastec shaman, Tonah, realizes that a more sinister force threatens the Huastecs and the life of Caleb Stone, who has caught up to help Shanni and the Huastecs. Jorge Tupac utilizes the ancient sorcery of the Mayans to trap and attempt to murder Shanni, forcing her, Caleb, and Tonah into a fight for their lives. Contact the author through Pentacles Press

ANASAZI JOURNEY is the sequel to ANASAZI PRINCESS, published in 2001,  order on line secure from Old Moutain Press or  Pentacles Press. or send check or money order to Pentacles Press, P.O. Box 51, Novi, MI  48376.
Anasazi journey by Jim Gibson


      It was the ultimate killing machine. Self-contained and mobile, its sole reason for being was to take life efficiently and remorselessly. Sampling the air as it moved, it could detect odors as small as a part per million and move without sound over rough terrain. It could set up and arm itself and lay in wait until a life form came into range. It was unaware of time and would wait patiently for hours or even days until time to act.
      In total darkness and in less than half a second it could drive forward and deliver a lethal cocktail of chemical compounds composed of proteins, proteolytic enzymes, and polypeptides of low molecular weight, setting in motion the devastating breakdown of a living organism’s was the ultimate predator: It existed only to kill. 

About the Author

James Gibson has traveled extensively in the American West and in the Orient, studying cultures, beliefs, and shamanism. He brings his interest in Native American sorcery into his novels, which are planned to encompass the Anasazi, Mayan and Inca civilizations. He and his family make their home in Northville, Michigan.

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