Anasazi Princess: A Fable of the Old West by James Gibson (196 pg Perfect bound) ISBN 1-931575-03-7, price $14.95 plus $2.95 P&H. Anasazi Princess combines traditional Western romance with Native American shamanism to create a “New Age” Western. Caleb Stone returns to Mancos, Colorado to avenge his father’s murder. After he is ambushed, Tonah, a Huastec shaman hidden in Mesa Verde, and his granddaughter Shanni rescue Caleb. Tonah’s shamanistic powers restore Caleb’s health and he is drawn into the Huastec’s quest to return to the Mayan “Center” of their civilization. To order send check or money order to James Gibson, P.O. Box 51, Novi, MI  48376. Or order on line secure from Old Moutain Press or  Pentacles Press. Contact the author through Pentacles Press Anasazi Princess by Jim Gibson

Sample of Work

     Fighting his fatigue, Tonah lay down on his blanket and entered the trance-like state to project his awareness. He pushed out to a power spot and sought the vantage point of a bird to survey the surroundings. He adjusted the vibrations, moving down the spectrum, seeking...Tonah exercised his volition and nosed over into a powerful dive.
     “It’s over,” Caleb said. “Better let me see to that wound.”
     “Let it alone. It’s too late for that.” Inman’s eyes burned with hatred. “I’m just trying to get strength enough to finish you.”
     “You’ll never get out by yourself.”
     “I know.”
     “You want to kill me that badly?”
     “Even if it’s with my dying breath.”
     Caleb glanced over to where his revolver had landed in the rocks, too far! Inman attempted to raise the rifle and it wavered. 

About the Author

James Gibson grew up on a cattle ranch in western Tennessee, learning to read in his father’s Zane Grey westerns. He has researched and traveled in the American West, and in the Orient, where he found remarkable similarities in beliefs and customs. He writes in a new direction, attempting to create a culture of the mind that might have existed totally outside the purview of the Anglos settling the West. 

Perspective readers can contact the author at jimgibson50 at

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