Anasazi Quest, the sequal to Anasazi Journey, by James Gibson (224 pg Perfect bound) ISBN 0-9721351-1-1, 212 pg. perfect bound, price $9.95 plus $2.50 P&H. Forced out of their ancestral home in Mesa Verde by drought, the Anasazi princess Shanni and her people, the Huastecs, suffer deprivation and death in the harsh desert as they journey toward their mythical “Center” in the Mayan civilization of the Yucatan. Evil sorcerers to the south perceive their approach as a threat and send waves of destruction to stop them. Anglo Caleb Stone, who loves Shanni, is drawn into the quest to overcome the sorcerers and resist bandit attacks in the desert journey. Both Caleb and Shanni must make hard choices and become different people in order to survive in a strange and hostile world and build their life together. 
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Anasazi Quest by Jim Gibson

Sample of Work
      Tonah, shaman and spiritual leader of the Huastecs, approached the lodge of Shanni, his granddaughter. “I believe that Power has given us a new and powerful ally in Caleb Stone.” he said. 
      “Do you think you can train him in the art of sordery?” Shanni asked.
      “Yes. He has at least suspended disbelief, although he has a strong will and we have little time in which to train.” 
      “Maybe even less time than we thought,” Shanni interjected. 
      “My prescience is warning that our time here is growing short. Some threat is moving toward us in the physical world, forcing us to act.” Tonah looked away with misgiving. Something omnious was about to happen and there was little time to prepare.

About the Book
Anasazi Quest is the third book in the Anasazi Princess series and tells the story of the evils that Shanni and the Huastecs face as they enter Mexico during the chaotic revolutionary times. Despite his aversion to shamanism and sorcery, Caleb is forced to go on a vision quest to learn how to fight the evil Sentinels from the Mayan center that threaten his life and that of Shanni. Five novels are planned to complete the Anasazi Princess series.

About the Author

James Gibson grew up on a grassland farm in West Tennessee, riding horses and herding cattle. He learned to read in his father’s Zane Grey westerns, and later traveled widely in the American West. He brings his love of the Old West into his novels. He and his wife live in Northville, Michigan. Perspective readers can contact the author through Pentacles Press

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