A Passion To Run by Paul Boyette, ISBN 1-931575-08-8 128 pg perfect bound &12.95 + $3.00 P&H. A novel revolving around Jordan Myers, a cross country runner, and miler. The story showcases the struggles of his broken family and shattered self image as he tries to gain acceptance in his life through running. He replaces his family with his teammates, and his father with his coach, as he becomes a champion. But every level of running has it’s price as he finds out in the college ranks where injury and talent decide who runs tomorrow and who will be left behind forever. Before he’s done though he finally decides to run for himself and makes a bet that will bring him lifelong fame. To order send check or money order to Paul Boyette 808 Gloss Street Chesapeake, VA 23322 E-mail pcjeboyette@cox.net A Passion to Run
A Passion to Run
About the Book
Standing at the start of his last regular season race, Jordan was in pain. He knew the race was going to hurt. His shape was not in question, his injury was. When the gun sounded, Jordan took off with only one thing on his mind, the coach’s race plan. He noticed some of Tech East’ runners around him but their best, Steve Lash or Stan Newbern weren’t there. Instead, they were other runners possibly trying to force the pace. They played right into Jordan’s hands. He picked the pace up and flew through the first mile in 4:52, faster than the week before by 3 seconds. By then, no one from Tech East was near him. Even Cliff Wills from Liberty who was in the race was not close. Jordan pushed his sore leg over the course, painful step after painful step. With every footfall of his left foot the pain would shoot through his leg. By the end of the second mile, not only did he have a good lead but he also had stomach cramps. The cramps were caused either from lunch or from changing his stride because of his left leg. On the last mile, even though the pain was different, it was the worst he had experienced all season. With a half-mile to go it was slowing him down. By the time he burst out of the woods and saw the finish a quarter mile away, he had nothing left. He just wanted the pain to end. All he could hear was the Tech East fans screaming at one of their runners who was closing in fast. Jordan looked around and saw Stan Newbern who was sprinting up behind him. Jordan could go no faster. But as Jordan turned back around the finish line was upon him. He crossed the line in a grimace of pain and against every ones concerns laid down at the end of the chute with no wishes to ever stand again. Today he had used it all; the well was empty.

About the Author

Free-lance writer and track and field literature historian, Paul Boyette has been a runner for 30 years. This is his first book about the sport set in the era of the mid 1970's. He is presently working on his next book “The Essential Guide to Running Literature”. He has also written a booklet for the RRCA 2002 Convention titled, “Guide Booklet to the best of Running Literature”. He is a regular contributor to “The Rundown”, a monthly newsletter of the Tidewater Striders. He lives, writes, and races in Tidewater, VA.  Visit the Tidewater Striders web site at www.tidewaterstriders.com

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