A Way Out by HB Stokes 80 pg perfect bound ISBN: 1-931575-14-2, $9.95 + $2.00 P&H.  This bookis a self help book. This refreshing series will bring an enhancement to your life. It will give your  the confidence to overcome daily  obstacles.  You will  no longer be subject to the opinion of others. Enjoy life as if has been predestined for you. Start right now. Send check or money order to Bishop H.B. Stokes, 524 West Ridge Road, Glen Park, Indiana  46408 E-mail: hbstokesministries@yahoo.com

Bored and tired of the way things are? Stop saying Im going to or I wish  I could. Get the power to overcome obstacles and get your righteous share of life.
A Way Out

Sample of the Work
We need to be able to reach out in love not by words only,...A Way Out  of your old model....A Way Out of your piece of junk....A Way Out of your sickness...A Way Out of hatred.... A Way Out of envy...

Get disgusted with being broke and busted...get disgusted until you say I want A Way Out of it.

About the Author

Bishop HB Stokes  has been an old country preacher for more than  30 years. It  is  with great  humility  that he  shares his life with others. He relishes the thought of seeing people young or old, rich or poor, farmer or politician, male or female , grasp onto the reigns and hold on. His gift is to show the most undesirable person how to have desires for themselves. He has been pastoring for the past twenty-five years. With so much knowledge and wisdom, Bishop Stokes has written to expound Gods word as it should be. May the words of this book be inscribed in your heart.

Embrace and enjoy this life support book. You may write us at  Bishop H.B. Stokes, 524 West Ridge Road, Glen Park, Indiana  46408 OR EMAIL US AT: hbstokesministries@yahoo.com

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