Abnormal Behavior: Personel Experiences by  Charles R. Lambert,  Sr. ISBN 1-931575-63-0 106 pg $15.00 + $3.00 P&H.  This work covers: Bi-Polar mental illness.  Personel Experiences.  Mental Health Care. VA Care and hospitals.  Help and agencies and church help. A story about my life experiences as a Manic Depressive patient. A road map through this life.  Effects on your family and those around you. There is HOPE!!! E-mail the author. To order send check or money order to: 
Charles R. Lambert, Sr.
9589 Sullivan Drive,  Inlet Estates
Murrells Inlet,  South Carolina

The author has two books to his credit,  Pink Pencil & Abnormal Behavior. Purchase both books for $25.00 & Shipping $3.00.  Pink Pencil: Forty religious invitations to Christ in short story form cost $10.00.  Abnormal Behavior: Personel Experiences as a Bi-Polar patient who learned and changed his behavior. Helping others today learn valuable skills.

About the Book
About the Author

Abnormal Behavior

About the book

My intent has been to cover some important points about mental disorders, mine in particular.
 This is for those who suffer from mental disorders, and I encourage them to heed this advice from someone who has been there.  The following is a letter to a friend I met just once.  This is what I told him and his wife:
      I am manic-depressive bi-polar and have fought a battle for 40 years. Determined that I would be cured some day, I would never give in to it.  Nevertheless, there is no cure for a chemical imbalance of your mind or brain. Yet there are drugs today that will make you think you are cured if you stay on medication.  You may have a better quality of life although the problem or problems will still be there.  How  you maneuver in your environment, circle, or family situation depends on YOU.  You must find the answer, and the answer is there. If you look and work hard enough, you will find that you do have the answers to your problems.
      Therapy, whether best in a hospital or as an outpatient at a mental health center, is essential for a start.  This is to improve your mental health and solve some of the problems that seem impossible to live with. You have to recognize there is a problem and want to change your behavior and your life by getting it back into a perspective that is real and manageable for both you and your family.  Begin the process by taking stock of yourself. Write down the highest times or points in your life and just the opposite, the lowest points, too.  Donít forget what happened in the middle of your life from the beginning of your memory to the present.
       Take a good look at what you have done, where you have been, and what is going on in your life right now.  This can give you enough information to decide what you want to do and where you want to go with your life.  Where you are headed at present is your choice.  You can accomplish these goals by setting up short and long term goals.  If you are sincere and truthful with yourself, you can be on your way to better mental health.  Take stock of yourself, your situation, and  your feelings.  Learn what you feel, and determine if your feelings are controlling you or your life.
 Feelings and decision making do not mix in most cases.  It takes facts to make some decisions, and feelings of the heart do not enter the picture.  Be aware that some feelings, like the grandson or granddaughter on you knee, are uncontrollable feelings but they are the ones that you can just plain enjoy.  The point is to make reasonable decisions for you and the family, for they depend on you.
 If you can look at yourself in a mirror or see yourself in a video, would you be pleased, displeased, or satisfied?  I would settle for satisfied if I knew I had done my  best in life.  Would you be pleased with where you are in life at the present time?  What would you change about yourself or your situation?
      I received treatment from the Veterans Administration and, later, at mental health facilities.  The help is there if you are interested in helping yourself and others around you.  I mentioned in the first volume what it is really like to have a complete mental breakdown.  It is very difficult to live through this alone, but, if you have family, it is closely related to alcohol or drug abuse.  I mean it affects the entire world around you and especially your family.  I cannot make you well, nor can anyone else make you well. However, in the last 40 years new medications and practices have been discovered that greatly improve life for those of us who have abnormal behavior.  It is not just taking a pill; therapy can make you aware of what is around you and how you can live in this world.  THERE IS HOPE!

About the Author

Born and rasied on the coast of South Carolina,  but married a Church of Christ Tennessean. One son and four Grand Children All in Church on Sunday. Battled Mental Health problems for 40 years and learned to Cope.  Poor background individual who improved himself and helped those around him.  Hard church worker and devoted to good fellowship in the church.  Believer in the written WORD of God and The Church. Continues to fight for better Mental Health and promote help for those who need the service to overcome Nervious Disorders.

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