The Chinese Laundry: A Novel of the San Juan Mountains by Bob Boeder ISBN: 1-931575-55-X 247 pg perfect bound $12.95 + $3.50 P&H. The wintry San Juan Mountains provide the backdrop for The Chinese Laundry, a tale of one man's struggle against discrimination in Victorian era Silverton, Colorado.  Visitors to the Four Corners area will enjoy this story filled with authentic details of everyday life in the late 19th century West. To order send check or money order to Bob Boeder, PO Box 318, Silverton, CO, 81433 E-mail the author.
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About the Book
About the Author

The Chinese Laundry

About the book

Lee, a Chinese laundryman, has already been run out of one Colorado mining town. He desperately wants to avoid the same fate in Silverton, but powerful social and economic forces work against him. 


The San Juan Mountains soar majestically above the semi-arid cattle country of southwestern Colorado. Upthrust in princely spires, range after range spread in all directions in a limitless panorama.

“You know, cousin,” Lee exclaimed. “Putting foreign food into Chinese stomach makes it upset just like putting Western ideas into Chinese mind cause confusion. This 'dim sum' real Hong Kong style, top level.”

   With the coming of evening Blair Street woke up. Men drifted into town from the mines and sounds of laughter and music tumbled from the saloons.

About the Author

Robert Boeder has a Ph.D. in history. Following careers in academia and government service he moved to Silverton, Colorado, where he runs in the summer, skis in the winter and writes year round. 

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