Brothers Of Honor by Dale Euga ISBN: 978-0-9795207-1-6, 270 pg $13.95 + $2.50 P&H is a cleverly interwoven, fast paced, international tale of one anti-terrorism battle fought on the ground by the Green Berets and other specialized military, embassy, and counter-terrorism units of friendly nations. A rescue mission and a chance discovery launch this international initiative to intercept a massive terrorist scheme. To order send check or money order to Drop Zone Press, 770 Broadway,  Suite 175, Raynham, MA  02767 E-mail the author.


About the Book
About the Author

Nominated for a 2007 Pushcard Prize

About the book

Cpt. Egan and his Special Forces Team A-1611 are on a rescue mission deep into the Ivory Coast Region of Western Africa to recover a compromised asset. Enroute to the objective, they stumble upon materials and other things that alarm Egan and his team. However, the mission comes first. The objective however, is more than a match for the small team, but there is something evil and sinister about the whole camp, and Egan’s team will have to deal with it. 

The materials and other intelligence data discovered that were discovered by the team point unmistakably to the basics of a terrorist plot. This information is flashed from Central Command Headquarters of the 16th Special Forges Company and to the intelligence communities at Langley and throughout the Allied Commands and the global anti-terrorism units swing into action.  Simultaneously, assets in the U.S. Embassy in Madrid uncover a “Most Wanted” terrorist but the plan to take him down goes sideways.

With the allied military counter terrorism groups and intelligence groups working on what they think are individual and local issues, it soon becomes clear that discoveries made by Egan’s team have a direct relationship to the Madrid affairs. All of the other data starts to link up and it quickly becomes clear that the intent of the African jungle mobs and the sophisticated terrorists I Europe are not just on a local scale, but international. The lives of 100 million innocent men, women and children are at stake and it is a race against time…..however, the information is already two days old.

What Others Are Saying:
" Absolutely gripping! The way it moved around in the beginning kept me hooked and then when it started to weave together, I couldn't put it down. I loved the airborne stuff and I knew someone just like Egan. Can't wait for the next book."
         Dewey Weber, Tennessee

"Outstanding story and very well crafted. This has cinematic quality to it and would make a great movie."
          Michael Sweringen

"Dale Euga puts everything together. His book kept me spellbound; extremely hard to put down; his expertise in special ops comes through; a big Horrah!"
Airborne All the Way!"
         101st Airborne Division

About the Author

Dale Euga is a former Green Beret and has served in the 46th Special Forces Company, Airborne, and the 10th Special Forces Group, Airborne. While attached to the 46th SFCA, based in Thailand, he performed many specialized and individual assignments operating out of Thailand during the Viet Nam Era. After the Viet Nam campaign experiences, he served with the 10th SFGA and among other assignments, commanded an operational A-Team.

 Born in Philadelphia to a career U.S. Air Force father, he lived in many places as a child and returned to the Philadelphia area to complete high school when his father retired I 1963. After graduating with honors, Dale was starting the pursuit of an architectural degree but accepted the draft and entered the Army in 1966 launching his path toward the Special Forces. 

 His civilian career after completing schooling was as a registered architect. Finding that profession less than satisfying, he has founded several successful companies and today he continues to write novels and manages an international consulting and financial company.

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