Genesis of a Mud Warrior by Terry W. Broussard, ISBN 0-9762749-1-4, 295 pg, $24.95 + $2.25 P&H, is a story, an unfortunately familiar story imbedded in the colorful history of our country, that chronicles the experiences of the Banks family as they take their place in society. To order send check or money order to Broussard Publishing, P.O.Box 6704, Houston, TX 77325 E-mail the author.

"Excellent read. I could visualize each and every character in the book"- J. Richardson

"Great plot. Excellent flow. Looks like a winner to me"- S. Oliver

"It was hard to recognize the real from the surreal. Great story!- C. Anderson

About the Book

Genesis of a Mud Warrior

About the book

MIT graduate and telecommunications wizard Anthony Banks was proud of his African-American heritage; his close-knit family and circle of friends gave him the love and support he needed to pursue his engineering dreams.  But Anthony was also heir to a legacy of death and destruction that started in Africa, when Nazi experimenters tried to eradicate his grandfather's tribal village with a weapon of diabolical power--one that could literally "turn off" living human beings as if they were mere machines.  When white supremacists murder several of those closest to Anthony because of his loved ones' political and legal associations, Anthony makes plans to even the score by using the very weapon that was once intended to continue the legacy of genocide of people of color, a weapon whose blueprints Anthony's grandfather had smuggled out of Africa when Nazi experimenters made a tragic mistake, a mistake that gave birth to an unexpected terror: the Mud Warrior.


"As the Major swung his stare from the weapon to the group of huddled, frightened Africans, he was amused that these people would not even be aware of their role in furthuring the Reich's work."

"You mean they killed Eli's dad too? And an FBI agent?"

"The thousand degree heat overcame the security team as they attempted in vain to douse the fires using the on board extinguishers."

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