Catharsis by Minnie E. Miller,  94 page perfect bound ISBN: 0-9722013-1-9, $12.95 + $2.78 P&H. Gripping stories of a flight into fantasy. Escape into paranormal experiences through magical mirrors where you will meet characters like ourselves. To order use  PayPal at author’s web at author’s web site   E-mail the author.

Catharsis by Minnie E. Miller

About the Book

Stories of the Paranormal

From “An Unusual Love Affair” “Damon’s first sighting of Ashley was during a performance of ‘Tosca.’ He, from the shadows of his box seat to the right of the stage, saw Ashley and friends….upon the third observation and intrusion into her soul; she picked up his silent song and they connected in that telepathic way that only these unearthly beings could master.

“. . . .Ashley attended the opera alone for the performance of ‘Madama Butterfly,’ anticipating another rendezvous with him. She searched for her phantom in his box and locked thoughts with Damon. But he had the greater advantage; he could read her unerringly and thought it a lovely verse.”

About the Author

Minnie E. Miller retired from the active workforce in 1999 but works part-time at NBC5 Chicago, WMAQ TV responding to viewers' comments. The balance of her time is seriously devoted to writing. She has worked in the office of the mayor of San Francisco as special assistant to his press secretary. Miller coauthored the 1998 Report on the San Francisco Mayor’s Summit for Women and is presently working on a novel titled “Precious Angel.” She has also completed a memoir about her years in San Francisco. While pursuing a bachelor of general studies degree at Roosevelt University in Chicago, her pro-seminar teacher encouraged her to write. She cannot stop. She presently resides in Chicago, her birthplace.

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