Tales  of a Clam Digger by Sid Crane 268 pages $15.00 + $2.00 P&H is the recollections of the author as he grew up in the Atlantic City, New Jersey area covering his childhood memories, days as a bomber pilot during World War II, and his growing up in America as the second of four children in an immigrant family. Well written and filled with historical recollections of the Depression, World War II and Atlantic City in the early days this book is an absolutely must read. To order send check or money order to Sidney Crane, 20 East Drive, Margate, NJ 08402 E-mail the author.
This book has been nominated for The Pushcart Prize 2005


Excerpts from  the Book
About the Author

Tales of a Clam Digger


If you knew anything about flying boats, which I didn’t, you knew that the flying boats, those that flew out of the inlet in Atlantic City, were examples of state of the art air ships of their day.

When I was young, really young, I experienced a cold winter, a really cold winter. Please believe me when I tell you that the Atlantic Ocean really froze up, the first 1,000 feet of it anyway.

Nineteen-thirty-five was a good year for someone growing up in Atlantic City. There was a Depression so most of us in school didn’t have money but that really didn’t make a lot of difference to us.

Don’t blame me. The High Brass decided that we would put on an air demonstration over Tokyo on Columbus Day. It was a good idea. We had lots of aircraft that moved up to Japan after the “collapse.”

My Mom was a piece of work! A woman who, after being double crossed by her best friend, after her best friend married a guy with loads of money, prayed to the Lord that she’d [my mother] never have money. 

About the Author
Born in Hartford, Connecticut, Sid Crane was the second of four children in an immigrant family, born to parents who independently came to America from different countries in search of the American dream. At three months of age his family moved to Atlantic City, where most of these stories take place.
    A depression child who was told at an early age that college was not for him, left school early and learned from the environment that surrounded him, be it the wide open resort town, the Air Force Bases and foreign travels of a World War II Pilot, or over fifty years as a builder and confidant to the movers and shakers at his corner of the world, where the rest of the world came to play. This unique set of circumstances in an otherwise firm family setting, gave Sid the latitude to experience the adventures and achievements herein reported.

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