Beginning College 101- How to Achieve Real Success in College by J.B. Robson, ISBN: 0-9714892-0-3 160 pg perfect bound $12.95 + $3.50 P&H. Get more than a study guide, find answers to your questions, learn how to graduate on time, repair your grade point average, or pick the right major. To order send check or money order to The College and Future Company, P.O. Box 10945, New Brunswick, NJ 08906-0945. E-mail
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Author J. B. Robsonís new book, Beginning College 101: How to Achieve Real Success in College, is a must read for every new college student. The author, a Dean of First-Year Students, has drawn upon his many years of experience to bring college students a practical and easy to understand guide for achieving success in college and in life. 
Beginning College 101
Carolina Comfort
Find out... 

Whatís the best major? How to develop a study plan that works? Whoís really available to help you   with your questions on a college campus? What are the hidden costs of college? How do you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of on-campus living? Why do you need to set ground rules with a new roommate? What are the important issues surrounding relationships and sex in college? Where are the best resources to help you search for scholarship and financial aid monies? What are the insider secrets, tips, and strategies that have helped so many of Dean Robsonís students achieve startling success in college and in life?

This must have guide is for anyone in their beginning years of college! 

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