Authors’ Comments

Martina N
I love the way the words look on the page.  Tom Davis set the type, and I love how it turned out.

Dan S
OMP, thank you again. The web site with cover does look great. I have a number of people that are now asking me about the publishing process, as they have been interested in publishing their own books. I tell them how pleasant this experience has been for me. I also tell them that you especially and also the printing company, have both been exceptionally responsive when it came to getting back to me quickly. I was amazed during the "correction" process that you responded in minutes and hours instead of days or weeks as I might have expected. I started the whole process in mid September and to have the books delivered in November, is in my mind just amazing.

Betty L
Tom, thanks for always reminding me of everything, I usually need it and always appreciate it. The other day I told someone how wonderful you are at "walking me thru" everything, but the truth is, sometimes I have to be "pulled", like with a come-a-long!! ha! Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. Someday maybe we will meet in person, and I'll buy you a turkey dinner!
If you are an aspiring author dreaming of publishing your work think about utilizing the services of Old Mountain Press. The owner, Mr. Tom Davis, is very easy to talk with in person or by e-mail. We have had a wonderful experience utilizing Mr. Davis' experience and expertise. Old Mountain Press (OMP) prepares book layouts for publication and offers many other related book publication functions. OMP was instrumental in the production of our new book, Beginning College 101: How to Achieve Real Success in College. Check out their web site. Ask for Mr. Tom Davis. He's good people. 

Jim G
While errors and omissions are my own, many people have come to my aid with expertise, encouragement and support. Tom Davis, of Old Mountain Press, was one of my first contacts. He soon realized he had a total novice on his hands. With the patience of Job, he led me through the steps and kept my spirits up until at last this book came off the press. I cannot say enough to express my gratitude for his help and support. In addition, he writes interesting books which I enjoy reading when I need a boost. 

Max P
My gratitude to Tom Davis, the publisher of Old Mountain Press and a fellow writer, can’t ask for a better friend. Thank’s Tom!

Gillie R
My publisher, Tom Davis, owner of Old Mountain Press. What seemed to me a daunting task, he made it a delightful and rewarding experience.

Chris J
Tom, thanks for all your help and patience.

Bobby B
Tom, how could I ever thank you for all your hard work on this book–and your advice and guidance! 

Bob D
To Tom Davis, publisher of Old Mountain Press, thank you for your help, suggestions, patience, and understanding.

Chrestine B
Tom, I do thank you for all the help you did for me when I would call you. Got bless you and your family!

Thomas V
Tom, thanks for all your professional help.  Happy New Year!!

Hy R
Tom, I want to thank you again for all your help. It is a pleasure doing business with you. Good health to you and yours!

Thomas Q
Tom, thank you for allowing me to stand in your shadow of knowledge.

Valderia B
To Old Mountain Press, thank you so much.  You've made what could have been a difficult process very smooth.  I may call you in the next couple of weeks with some questions about where do I go from here.  You seem to have a wealth of information that I could glean from. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends who are considering self publishing.  I pray much success and many blessings over your business.

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