Dairy Queen Think: Wisdom for Life by Eight Old Men, Offering Insight, Solid Advice, and Thoughtless Observations. by Dr. W.E. Thorn 242 pg perfect bound. To purchase a copy of this book, contact the author at Dr. W.E. Thorn, 902 N. Main, #70, San Angelo, TX 76903


About the Book
About the Author

Dairy Queen Think Tank 

About the book

This book is really my idea and not the result of resounding demand. As a matter of fact my wife doubted the wisdom of the project. She is far more realistic than I am. Yet Percy, my faithful dog, told me to go for it. I have popped out seventeen of these books. As I look them over they seem extremely shallow.

 The fact is, there really isn’t anything new in the world and what I’ve always hoped to do with writing is to say, in so many words, some of the ideas that lurk, wordlessly, in the minds of a great many people. I write to find out what I am thinking.


 I have tried to follow the advice of my grandfather: “Get the hay down where the horses can eat it.” Yet there came lofty thoughts about an offering that would survive the immediate moment.

 I drifted in and out of reality. I was determined to come up with something with higher aspirations than before. Maybe it was not too late.

 I have always had a deep compassion to produce a memorable and valuable book. It seems that I start in that direction, fiercely honest but drift into hilarity. For me it is so natural - it’s just me. I am to blame.

 I agree with Somerset Maugham: “We do not write as we want to but as we can.” Maybe someday.


About the Author

W. E. “Bill” Thorn is widely known and used across America. In constant demand as a public speaker. He has a unique ability to use his ready wit not only to entertain but also to drive home truths that sustain and challenge.

At eighty he is still active doing 200 engagements a year. He has delivered over six thousand banquet orations.

He has served as pastor for over forty years. He served as President of Dallas Baptist University and has served as lecturer in several universities.

He was featured on NBC Documentary “New Pioneers.”

Has authored 18 books. He plans to dance as long as the music plays.

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