The Color of Dust, 90 pages perfect bound, by Nancy Connolly, ISBN 1-884778-79-8, $7.00 + $1.50 P&H. Send check or money order to: Nancy Kenney Connolly, 10301 FM 2222,  Apt. 2332, Austin TX  78730. E-mail

The Color of Dust is a lyrical retrospective of one life in particular amid reflections on the world in general.

...dust that dances on a silken scarf of sun....

    and the dust is whirling. It's Aurangabad,
    the moon's a pearl....

        When you think back, not in black and white
         but in turquoise and daffodil....

The Color of Dust

About the Author

Raised in suburban Chicago, Nancy Kenney Connolly graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Swarthmore College and explored India as a Fulbright Scholar en rout to a Ph.D. at Tufts’ Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. She writes from multiple perspectives: college teacher, editor, stockbroker, non-profit executive, back to academia as Research Associate – all long, a community activist and pensive observer. She is a member of the North Carolina Poetry Society and Friday Noon Poets of Chapel Hill.

Nancy’s works have been published in: Bay Leaves, The Comstock Review, Main Street Rag, Roanoke Review, Ship of Fools, TMP Irregular, Wellspring, Writers’  Cramp, and the 1998 Yearbook of the Poetry Society of South Carolina.

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