Emotional Abundance: Become Empowered by Michelle Bersell ISBN 978-0-980141-30-6 256 pg $14.95 + $5.00 P&H There are millions of people who recognize positive thinking as a means to shape their thoughts and therefore their lives.  The next step is utilizing our emotions.  By knowing how to work with our feelings, fears and ego we open ourselves up to become empowered to create our ideal life!  To order visit: www.EmotionalAbundance.com

About the Book
About the Author

About the book

Through Michelle’s revolutionary insight to our emotions she describes the purpose to our feelings, fears and ego.  Emotional Abundance: Become Empowered unlocks the key to the guidance/answers that finally will allow you to:
  • Put an end to ruminating or second guessing your behaviors, thoughts and feelings
  • Find/Rekindle a passionate intensity toward life
  • Recognize how we unintentionally make ourselves powerless to      create changes in our lives
  • Naturally shift your energy
  • Experience true freedom in living
  • Enjoy true abundance in all its forms
Sample of the Work:
Choose to no longer look at your self-care as discretionary; otherwise, you may come to see that your life felt like a waste of time.  The only waste would be to never express what is within you. Chapter 2, Pg. 52

So I let go, not for them but for me.  I was holding myself captive by the pain they caused.  My only choice left was to choose differently.  I could stay paralyzed being the victim, desperately needing an apology to make myself feel better, or I could work on getting myself to feel better without needing anything from those who caused me harm.  Chapter 3, pg 72

Being sick and tired of our pain gives us enough gumption to take the necessary risks entailed with us owning our full power. Chapter 3,pg 74.

Abundance is a sense of knowing what is true and what is real before it even exists.  Therefore, we can only actualize abundance when we accurately know and honor ourselves. Chapter 9, Pg 212

About the Author

Michelle Bersell is a psychotherapist, professional Life Coach, and speaker having earned a Masters in Clinical Psychology as well as a Masters in Education.  She also leads retreats and seminars while maintaining a busy private practice.  Thousands read Michelle’s “Mentality Gal” column in Citigal Magazine.   Michelle resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin along with her husband and three children.  For more information on Michelle, visit www.MichelleBersell.com

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