Ghosts All Around Town: A collection of Ghosts and Spooks Stories by Bill Goldwire 100 pg, perfect bound $10.00 plus $2.5 P&H. A collection of fourteen ghost stories Everyone likes to read and to hear ghost stories. Superstition lurks in all of us.  Mystery, the unknown, spirits, strange powers, wicked influence all of these factors are found in this fetching collection of ghost town fantasies. To order send check or money order to: Bill Goldwire, Box 366, Sanderson, TX 79848.
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Ghosts All Around Town 

About the Book
After watching a town of three thousand inhabitants shrink and die over a fifty year period, finally stabilizing with a population of just over seven hundred people, the author Bill Goldwire concluded that surely something of significance should remain. Here at the edge of the Texas Big Bend Country in far-West Texas right near the Rio Grande that the Mexicans call the Rio Bravo, the remains of this little town is now ghost territory. Having been established in the 1880s, you could expect that most of the buildings would be built of the earth, adobe buildings and abodes. They were well built by expert laborers and have mostly weathered their one hundred and twenty years of existence with little change except that the grounds are filled with weeds and bushes and the interior of the buildings might be sagging in places. Cobwebs are all over and mice make themselves at home in old abandoned furniture. It is surprising that most of the windowpanes are still not broken.

This is what the author is seeing: one hundred year old buildings, vacant and abandoned, a Mecca for tourists seeking the influence of a genuine ghost town. The book titled GHOSTS ALL AROUND TOWN tells of a number of incidents that surely did happen or probably will happen after dark in this spooky little country town.

About the Author

Bill Goldwire, a veteran schoolteacher with a lot of imagination, connected most of these stories with old, abandoned and burned-out buildings that were scattered round town just here and there.  There was a history that went along with each of these old homes and businesses that had to be dug out. All of the properties were still owned by someone, though they were disinterested and probably lived far away from their roots in this little, shrunken ghost town.

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