But God Gives More Grace The Irrevocable Law Of Humility! by Ernie Gruen 112 pg, $10.00 includes  P&H, perfect bound, ISBN: 1-931575-33-9 This book detailed study of the law of humility in the Old and New Testaments, which effects each one of us.  We will either be lifted up or abased as a direct result of God's irrevocable law. 

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About the Book
About the Author

But God Gives More Grace

About the book

Did you ever wonder how to receive more grace? For it is grace that gives us the power to become Christ-like–grace is the absolute key to a victorious Christan Life!

This book is full of concrete examples of people, who were “exalted” by God because they discovered a spiritual law, Illustrated in detail in this book.

You will also experience receiving more grace. But God Gives More Grace to all who release the law of humility into action.

Jesus Christ began as the highest of the High–existing in heaven as God. He became the supreme example of humility–a sin offering for all of His creation!

This book is a must read; it is guaranteed to change your life, permanently!

About the Author

Pastor Ernest J. Gruen is the son of a devout Baptist deacon.  He was converted at the age of nine and called to preach at age 19.  He pastored Baptist churches for ten years in the Wichita and Kansas City area.  On Christmas night of 1965, Pastor Gruen knew there had to be “something more to Christianity” than what he’d experienced.  After praying for five hours, he had a definite second experience of crucifixion and resurrection power—he received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.  This occurred while he was age 29.

Pastor Gruen graduated from Friends University in Wichita, Kansas, with honors and received his Masters of Divinity from Central Baptist Seminary in Kansas City, Kansas.  He married Delores, his wife, on April 28th, 1956.  They are now celebrating their 47th year of marriage.  They have four children and six grandchildren all living in the greater Kansas City area. 

He founded Full Faith Church of Love, which grew to an average Sunday morning attendance of 2,500.  This spirit-filled inter-denominational church became a teaching center for the heart of the United States.  He managed a staff of over ninety, including twelve pastors, Christian schoolteachers, and support personnel.  He pastored that church for twenty-seven years.  Pastor Gruen and his churches have always been strongly committed to missions.

He also mentored and discipled younger pastors, while overseeing a network of fifteen churches in the Kansas City area.  He provided and oversaw a monthly ministers meeting and annual retreats for these churches.  He, with his team, successfully arbitrated conflicts in these churches between the pastors, elders, and the congregation. 

He has been in the ministry for 47 years and is currently ministering through out the United States in a mobile ministry holding seminars, filling pulpits, and revivals.  He has ministered extensively in the United States and internationally in Holland, Germany, England, Israel, Kenya, Mexico, Canada, and the former Soviet Union.  He has ministered extensively in the United States and internationally in Holland, Germany, England, Israel, Kenya, Mexico, Canada, and the former Soviet Union. 

He has twenty-eight years of radio experience, with his own daily radio program.  He had a weekly television broadcast for eleven years. 

Pastor Gruen is the author of five books and a tract: 

"Freedom to Choose"—a national bestseller concerning deliverance.  This book has been translated into Spanish, Afrikaans, Chinese, and Urdu.

"Freedom to Grow"—a selection of meaningful sermons.

"Touching the Heart of God"—a detailed study of prayer.

"The Giver and His Gifts” was released in 2001.  This book is an exhaustive study of the 25 gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Baptism into the Holy Spirit.  It is being translated in the language of Pakistan—Urdu; Spanish, and the nation of Indian in the language Malayalam.

"But God Gives More Grace"—a detailed study of humility as a spiritual law. 

The tract is entitled “Have you received the Holy Spirit?”—which has enabled thousands to receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

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