The Christian Book Of Wisdom And The Book of God's Law by Hilton Ebenezer Fyle, ISBN 978-0-9730873-5-6 360 pages, $10.00 + $2.00 P&H. God speaks to you in 2007.What's worse than a mistake? It's  being unaware of it, so you cannot correct it. God isn't like the police.You could land in hell forever. Here's your big chance to pinpoint your mistakes and correct them. Why? Because God wants you in heaven. To order send check or money order to:
The Hilton Fyle Ministry
2980 Oaklawn Street
Columbus, Ohio 43224


About the Book
About the Author

From the book


The are two questions that Christians often ask.They say, Why does God do some awful things on earth, and Why do Christians have to suffer? I am God, and I am going to answer both of those questions.


I am God. I ordained marriage as a partnership for life. So every person who divorces their partner commits a sin against me. And every person who goes on to marry again commits adultery. Are there exceptions? Yes.

about_author:  Hilton Ebenezer Fyle is an AUTHORIZED Spirit Medium of God. He communicates with God by a spiritual means called Access and Instant Reply(A.I.R.). He speaks the questions to God, and receives his answers on paper in seconds- almost like David and the prophets.

 The message in this book comes from God. Hilton Fyle wrote it down, and every page was approved by God before publication.

About the Author

Hilton Fyle is a preacher. He allows questions after his sermons.He lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife Mary Christine. They run The Christian Clinic of America, a free service for people who have to make tough decisions, and need God's help to avoid costly mistakes.

Author's Statement:
I am Hilton Ebenezer Fyle. I offer this book to you with joy and humility. This a great day in world history. After writing this book and  having the first encounter with some of the shocking surprises from God our Creator and his son Jesus, I settled down and said, Thanks be to God, a good Father who simply loves every person on earth, and does not want to see us all in hell.

Two points. When you see that things you have been taught for centuries are wrong, rememeber who is talking. It is God. Always remember that, or some of what you read may sound crazy. God is never wrong. He is God. 

Second. This book is not just for Christians. Is for ALL the people on earth. It is part of the fulfillment of God's prohecy, given in Isiaiah 55: 10 and beyond, about his word going forth throughout all the earth. Jesus said, "This Gospel shall be preached throughout ALL the world, then the end shall come."

God bless you.

Hilton Fyle.

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