Hy on Life: A Second Chance to Live by Hy Rubin, 90 page perfect bound, ISBN 1-931575-26-6 US $9.95 + $4.00 S&H and Canada $14.95 + $6.00 S&H.  This is a story about the author who grew into adulthood with coronary heart disease and how he dealt with a heart attack and changed his lifestyle through diet, exercise and a positive healthy mental attitude.  This book is an excellent road map for those who may have to or are already dealing with heart disease. To order send check or money order to APEX PUBLISHING CO. INC, 47 West Elm St. Suite # 104, Brockton, Ma. 02301. Phone 1-508-580-3943, Fax 1-508-584-6871. E-mail hyrubin@comcast.net or visit the author's web site!

Hy on Life: A Second Chance to Live by Hy

About the Book
   This is a story about the author who grew into adulthood with coronary heart disease. 
   At 38 years of age he had a major heart attack and three years later he had a double bypass on May 8,1972, when it wasn’t fashionable as it seems to be today. He lets the reader know how he went through his heart attack in detail and he tells of his catheterization and bypass operation. He also went into arrhythmias four different times in 1971, 1975, 1980 and 1985 called ventricular tachycardia, which is a rapid heart beat of about 220 times a minute. 
   He slowly changed his lifestyle to change his diet and exercise on a consistent basis. He turned his life around with a positive healthy mental attitude and being upbeat about his future. He is now a young 71 years and is still working as a CPA in his own accounting practice with no retirement in sight. He gives you in detail his current diet and describes his exercise routine and gives advice to follow to live a healthy life. 
   He thought about what he went through in life and honestly believes if he lived his life as he is living it now, he probably would never had his heart attack and bypass surgery. 
    Everyone has a choice on their way of life. He originally chose the incorrect way. Fortunately, he was able to make a positive change in his lifestyle, which finally proved to be the right choice. Everyone needs improvement in their life and this book will give enough insight to live a healthy lifestyle. 

About the Author
   The author has been a Mass. resident all his life and been in his own accounting practice for approximately 45 years. He enlisted in the U.S. Army from Feb. 1951 to Feb. 1954 a period of three years and one and a half of those years were spent in Korea during the Korean War. This memoir that he has written is his first book but he has started a novel which he believes will be a blockbuster hit.

He was past President of the South Shore chapter of the Mended Hearts, Inc. an organization throughout the country made up of individuals who have had heart surgery. He also was the Treasurer 0f the American Heart Assn, the South Shore Chapter in Mass.

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