I Won’t Give Up: It Is Well by Steven Mitchell 66 page perfect bound ISBN 1-931575-38-x $10.00 ;lus $2.00 P&H. You picked up this book because God wants you to red it. There are some unresolved issues in your life that God wants to bring understanding and healing in through this book. After you have read it, God wants you to pass the book to a loved one. Obey and be blessed. To order send check or money order to: Steven Mitchell, 12345 Hawthorne Way Hawthorne,  CA 90250


About the Book

I Won't Give Up: It Is Well by Steven Mitchell

About the book

A book that can change your life and the lives of your loved ones:


  • Chapter 1 Faith Appraisal of Perilous Times
  • Chapter 2  Understanding Godly Submission
  • Chapter 3  How to Obtain the Ability to Say of All God Does…It Is Well
  • Chapter 4  The Power of Accepting God’s Will
  • Chapter 6  The Fruit of Submission Will Prevent Four Behaviors
  • Chapter 7 The Blessing of Submission
  • Chapter 8 Keep Hope Alive

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