Journey out of Darkness by Marva Johnson ISBN 978-0-9795381-0-0, 193 pg.  $21.99 FREE P&H Godís Discount: Please deduct 15% ($3.30) of purchase  (10% tithes/5% offering) and give it to your church. Journey out of Darkness tells the true history of creation, dispelling manís countless theories surrounding everything we know or may have come to believe about the creation of life, the universe, and our very existence. 
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About the Book
About the Author

About the book

Journey out of Darkness is an in-depth account of the creation of heaven and earth, not as it is viewed by scientists, mankind, or even, as I would hazard to guess, most Christians. It is a journey of divine inspiration and Holy Spirit led revelation.

Sample of the work:

In the period called ďtimes,Ē Satan would use his children as enticing spirits to attract and hold the interest and attention of Godís children. He would use his subjects, the fallen angels and the disembodied spirits, to assist his children with their tasks of enticement.

The confounding of the language of the people marked the end of the unification of humanity and their oneness. The dividing and scattering of the sonís of Adam abroad from the towel of Babel was the beginning of the many different languages, nationalities, and cultures that are in the world today. 

God told Moses to face the Red Sea and stretch out his hands. The LORD spoke to the East wind and the waters. The wind began to swirl along the surface of the sea, moving in a twisting, whirling motion. The waters started to rotate rapidly as the East wind moved swiftly through the middle of the waters.

About the Author

God has honored a prayer I prayed many years ago. After reading the Bible from cover to cover I felt a feeling of hopelessness.  What did all these things that I had read mean? Afraid and lacking understanding, I began to pray to God. That was the first time that God spoke to me;  I heard someone tell me to turn my Bible to Proverbs chapter two and read verse one thru six. That was the beginng of my journey. It has taken me twenty years to complete this book. Over those years God guided me in the writing of the book. May it bless you as it has blessed me.

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