Joy Cometh in the Morning Encouragement for Weary Souls  by Leary E. Bonnett 135 pages ISBN 0-9-713277-1-8 $15.95 + $3.00 P&H published by Amazing Grace Publications in conjunction with Old Mountain Press is a testament to the fact that when our hopes and aspirations are anchored on Almighty God, that even when confronted by the worst adversity, we are empowered to hold on to hope, even when all rational grounds for holding on have been destroyed. To order send check or money order to Amazing Grace Publications, 764 East 22nd Street, Brooklyn, New York 11210 E-mail the author

Other books by this author:  Faliure Is Not The Problem.  In this helpful and insightful handbook, the author reminds us of this basic, but important lesson by making reference to select individuals that have attained the status of biblical heroes, in addition to other prominent personalities of yesteryears and the current time. 

About the Book
About the Author

Joy Cometh in the Morning

About the book

I would like to reference letters from Rev. India Marable of Brooklyn who stated: "I could not put down Joy Cometh In The Morning after I started reading it." Also, Rev. Lenox Luncheon of Arverne, new York, stated: "I found Joy Cometh In The Morning to be a source of inspiration and an encouragement to me, as it pertains to my own endeavors as an author." 


The Bible reminds us that the symbols of the cross and resurrection testify to the faith and hope that suffering can issue new life. (pp 26)

Even in the dark edges of human existence when God's very presence seems profoundly hidden from us and we rail at Him for not apparing to be on top of things, we could still discover His immanent, tender presence, operative in our midst. (pp 27)

Even though we might at times be rendered powerless to change the way our world spins, it is entirely within our power to change the direction we are facing - regardless of the way this unwilling world may turn. The decision to look to the Source from which our help comes will change the world for us, because it changes our relationship with the world. (pp 48)

No matter how dark days might appear, the redemptive impulse of God remains present and operative in human life. (pp 114)

About the Author

Reverend Leary E. Bonnett is an ordained minister who graduated from New York Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity Degree. He is the recipient of other graduate level degree from several outstanding U.S. academic institutions. He also graduated from The United States Officers' Candidate School as a Second Lieutenant and attained the rank of Major in The U.S. Army Medical Service Corps. He was discharged from active military duty after eleven years of outstanding military service, five of which were spent in the elite 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division. Reverend Bonnett commanded troops is a front-line U.S. Army combat division while serving overseas. His military awards include The U.S. Army Good Conduct Medal, The U.S. Army Achievement Medal and the U.S. Army Commendation Medal. He is a former ultramarathoner and the recipient of Germany's Urkunde Medal (bronze), for outstanding performance in track and field athletics. Reverend Bonnett is a possibility prophet espousing a can-do outlook on life and advocates a message of spiritual empowerment. He is a conference speaker whose endeavors have taken him to Africa, Europe, Central and North and South America. Reverend Bonnett resides with his wife Dr. Terry-Jan Bonnett, M.D., a Pediatrician and Internist and their young son, Harun, in Brooklyn, New York.

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