Poems of Different Sorts By Janie C. Knight. A 44 pages perfect bound collection of poetry from the heart that everyone will find something special in.

To order your copy, send  your check or money order to Janie Knight, 25 Harper Ln., Willingborro, NJ 08046.
Cost per copy $8.95 plus $1.25 P&H.

About the Author

Poems of Different Sorts By Janie C. Knight



Everyday I deal with something 
new Everyday I always end up 
pulling through life is always 
filled with pain and sorrow, but 
donít give up thereís always 
tomorrow. There is always 
people talking about you either
 about the clothes you wear or 
your hairdo. You may think
 your life is good for one second, 
but after that you better started 
cheakin. Time may get hard and 
you start to break down, but 
donít forget, things can always 
turn around, so keep your head 
up to the sky and do remember 
itís alright to cry

Wish You Were There

Yes I am on the beach drinking 
lemonade laying back in the shade. 
Wish you were there I am under 
an umbrella beating the heat , yes 
ití s so very sweet. Wish you 
were there. Walking on the 
beach seeing the waves go 
by come on gang give it a try 
wish you were there.

About the Author

Janie C. Knight is the daughter of Sarah A Knight and Benjaim James Knight. She is a minister of Jehovah Wittiness. Her book is dedicated to to her daughter, Sheena Knight and her son Steffon Knight.

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