Lessons From The Ladder by Neil Joiner ISBN 978-0-9968481-1-4 Can climbing a ladder put me closer to God? Is it okay to mix prayer and latex paint? An amateur painter offers tips on ladder safety and painting plus some paint can theology. THIS BOOK IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PROFESSIONAL PAINTERS OR THEOLOGIANS.

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Lessons From The Ladder is Neil Joiner’s second book publication. The first book, What America Is, is a patriotic poem written when his children were five years old. It was published in an illustrated book form in December of 2015.


About the Book
About the Author

About the book

When the author retired from banking, December 31, 2015, he soon began painting his house. He had no idea that a book was in the making. Lessons From The Ladder offers some practical and often light-hearted advice on ladder safety and painting. It also shows that many of these same principles can be applied in our spiritual journeys, a process the author calls Paint Can Theology. He is an amateur painter and part time Sunday School teacher, who readily admits that in this book he has told way more than he knows.

Sample of the Work:
Twice every month I teach a men's Sunday School class in a small town Baptist church in Vienna, Georgia. Twice every month I try to think of ways to keep Frank awake. He's not the only one subject to napping during class time, but he is clearly the leader. Sleep comes easily to Frank. Unlike most of us his head does not bobble, a talent that many of us admire. I am tempted to admit that our admiration borders on envy, but envy is not allowed among good Baptists.

About the Author

Neil Joiner is a native and longtime resident of rural Georgia. He and his wife, Jane, have triplets, who are almost 38 years old, plus four wonderful grandchildren. Neil spent 35 years in banking, most of this as President of an independent bank in the small town of Vienna, Georgia.

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