Married to the Game A Story of Love and Waiting  by Lydia Harris 204 pg perfect bound, ISBN 0976566001, $9.95 + $2.50 P&H. This book is based on the life experiences of Lydia Harris, wife of convicted drug kingpin Michael “Harry O” Harris and mother of his daughter, and is a tale of love, loyalty, deceit and betrayal. It will also highlight her unwavering loyalty to her husband and the music industry. To order your copy send check or money order to: L B Publishing, Order Department, 935 Eldridge Rd 213 Sugarland Texas 77478. Visit Married to the Game web site. Visa and Master Card accepted.


About the Book
About the Author

Married to the Game

About the book

One woman with one mission and one opportunity to change the lives of many, this one woman is Lydia Harris a/k/a Lady Boss. Lydia has survived death threats, attempted kidnappings and attempts to take her life and yet she still stayed down to protect her interests in her young empire.

From Interscope and Maverick Records, she’s done business with a vast majority of noteworthy conglomerates and with many conspiracies to keep her out, but she refused to go away.

Being the modern day David slaying of Goliath, she defied the odds by defending her good name and claiming her fare share of profits from the most feared man in the world of music and entertainment Marion “SUGE” Knight.

She now moves forward and will forever be etched in the minds of many as the one that made a difference. Read her powerful new book Married to the Game and become inspired to see how she triumphed over tragedies and see how her dedication to one man changed her life forever and how she became and still is married to the game.

“I have determined what’s important in my life by staying true to myself, not losing focus, and remembering the people and things that make me happy.”-Lydia Harris

“Lydia Harris is Winnie Mandela to me because she stayed down, and not too many women have the self-discipline to stay down with a brother who is incarcerated.”-Former LA gang member

“With the new company taking shape, Suge was happy to rid some prior obligations, particularly Eric ‘Easy-E’” -Wright and Ruthless Records...

“The true Lady Boss of rap & hip/hop.”-Kevin Black Promotions Executive Interscope Records

“A bold and daring foray into the industry’s underbelly.”-Bonsu Thompson XXL Magazine.

About the Author

Lydia Robinson Harris owns a small restaurant in Texas, dotes on her daughter LyDasia, believes in God and family – and has spent most of the past two decades living a life that the rest of us would have a very hard time imagining.

As the wife of convicted drug dealer Michael Harris, she once divided her time between courthouses and prisons, a series of elegant homes in California, and her office at Death Row Records. For a small-town girl of simple tastes, she managed to survive some amazing extremes!

Nothing prepared her, though, for the darkness and ugliness she would encounter when ruthless people (some of them famous, all of them wealthy) decided to squeeze her out of everything she had. From  rumors to lies to malicious slander to death threats, her name and reputation were hauled through some particularly dirty waters.

She admits that she was too trusting. She knows she tended to look on the good side of folks. She had a habit of believing what she heard. Now, though, now she’s been educated. Now she’s seen reality. Now she understands what it takes to maintain her sanity, her composure, and her faith in a very greedy world.

And now she’s ready to start over again – on her own.

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