MEMOIRS and ECHOES by Dr. William F. Schnitzker, 110 pg perfect bound. Autobiography of a Peditrician’s life before medicine and after. To order send check or money order to: Wm. Schnitzker, 1612 Lexington Ave., Ashland, KY 41101. E-mail: beau at MEMOIRS and ECHOES by Dr. William F. Schnitzker
Author’s Notes
Carolina Comfort
         The Doctor you see in the painting is not this Doctor that you know. He survived with little specific treatment, much encouragement and supportive measures. He certainly didn’t have a large practice to be able to sit at the bedside of critically ill patients. I experienced some very sick babies and children and occasionally there were those that couldn’t be saved. Thank goodness not as many or as often as in previous times. As you have surmised I had a very good and satisfying time practicing medicine over 50 years.
          I retired at 67 and did locum tenens for another 6 years. While it was interesting to see how other physicians practiced in other parts of the country I missed my own patients. I finally had to completely retire from medicine when my Parkinson’s made it almost impossible for me to work for more than a couple of hours without severe fatigue setting in. Bettylee’s declining health and mine has tarnished my “Golden Years.”  Bettylee has been on oxygen around the clock for 5 years due to severe COPD. Two years ago she experienced renal failure and has been on dialysis 4 times a week since.
          I’m glad I took the time to travel, sail and play tennis while I was younger. Even though my physical abilities are limited I can look back at a very full and rewarding life with no regrets for the things I didn’t do. 

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