Mil Galaxias en un Mundo by Jaime Paredes, 175 pg perfect bound, ISBN 0-9752800-0-7 $12.95.  Por fin se encuentra lo que tanto se buscaba... UN NUEVO POETA y para comprobarlo nos presenta, MIL GALAXIAS EN UN MUNDO un libro de poesia catalogado como uno de los grandes en la literatuta poetica en este nuestro nuevo siglo. 

We finally find what we have looked for...A NEW POET! and to prove this statement he presents, MIL GALAXIAS EN UN MUNDO a book categorized like one of the greatest books in poetry literature in this new century. To order send check or money order to Paredes Enterprises, International
P.O Box 315
Gaithersburg, MD. 20884-0315 
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About the Book
About the Author
Sample Writing

Mil Galaxias en un Mundo by Jaime Paredes

About the book

MIL GALAXIAS EN UN MUNDO is a book of poetry that it is found in the bookshelfs of every California State Universities of the US. Foreign language professors of various institutes has categorized MIL GALAXIAS EN UN MUNDO as the best new and fesh poetry in recent times. JAIME PAREDES is seen as a great spanish-literature poet, compared with poets like: PABLO NERUDA and RUBEN DARIO. 

The book published by the author in California has had such claim that it has already been placed on sale in academical institutes all over Central America. 

It wouldn’t be a surprise if we soon here the news that MIL GALAXIAS EN UN MUNDO wins a Nobel Prize in literature, just like ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SOLITUD of GABRIEL GRACIA MARQUEZ did in 1982.

About the Author
Otto Jaime Paredes Lopez better known as JAIME PAREDES is a poet that resides in Los Angeles, California. He was born in El Salvador, Central America and he is what we would like to call “a self-made man”. Putting himself through college he gain an associates degree from East Los Angeles College, shortly after he transferred to California State Univerity Dominguez Hills where he obtained a Bachelors Degree in Science with a major on Business Administration and a concentration in International Business. At this time he is Vice-President of a family own business in the music industry, where he has written various songs to many artists. At age 23, JAIME PAREDES publishes MIL GALAXIAS EN UN MUNDO he is currently proceeding his education, at the same time he is venturing with other own businesses, and also writting a novel that he is preparing to publish very soon.

Sample Writing

-Mil Galaxias en un Mundo
“...Somos mil galaxias en un mundo 
Y cada uno es especial 
Vivimos en el mismo segundo 
Pero nadie vive igual...”

-Piruetas en el Cielo
“...El triunfo no es triunfo 
Si no se sabe fracasar 
Lo asombroso no es caer 
Si no volverse a levantar...” 

-Para Poder Vivir
“...Hay que tocar nuevas puertas 
Forjar un nuevo motivo 
Que el hecho de respirar 
No dice que estas vivo...” 

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