No longer Will I Hide The Stranger In My Bed by Patricia H. Williams,100 page perfect bound, ISBN: 0-9740081-0-9. Enlightening, powerful true life story of how the author survived a very abusive childhood and marriage. To order contact: R.A.P.H.A by phone or email (860)514-7266 -  $15.95  E-mail the Author

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No Longer Will I hide the Stranger in My Bed

Touching, enlightening, overwhelming, and powerful are some of the words that come to mind when reading No Longer Will I Hide The Stranger In My Bed a book by new comer Patricia Williams. Patricia, a Christian writer, shares some very personal and private times in her life. She starts with her childhood, and how she grew up having to endure tragic things that should never happen to anyone, let alone an innocent child. She then goes on to share how she endured an abusive marriage, maintained a family and through it all continued to trust in God. This book gives hope to anyone whether you are in any kind of abusive relationship, whether physical, or mental or not. This book encourages anyone who reads it to be strong and trust in God and always let Him guide your every step in life. This book is a must read for all! Enjoy!

Cheryl Dickens
Pensacola Voice
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     After almost 18 years in an abusive relationship, I was inspired to write this book to help others in similar situations. My prayer is that my compelling true story gives you strength to seek spiritual and/or professional counseling. 
     Some of the horrors that I experienced at the hands of my husband are so horrific that you’ll wonder how I survived.  Boiling-hot grits were thrown in my face. I was beaten with a belt buckle from my head to my feet. I was stuck with pins until I bled profusely. I survived only through the grace of God.
     Events like this were a common occurrence.  My home was a war zone, with my husband using the ammunition of mental, verbal, and physical abuse.  I never knew how to play.   No one prepared me for this kind of war. Almost immediately, I became shell shocked until I realized that if I stayed in this destructive battlefield I would leave my home in a body bag. 
     The Lord has delivered me from the pain, and He can do the same for you.  Learn how God brought me out, and find out how God can change the course of your life.

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