There Are No Pictures by Virginia di Monda McCauley 200 pg ISBN 1-931575-57-6 $15.00 includes P&H reflects a life filled with secrets. The book begins with the author's wedding and flashes back to occurrences from her childhood and leads up to very recent events. The story echoes the path her life took when the government told herr that they had no record of her citizenship. Send check or money order to: Virginia di Monda McCauley 1705 Gianelli Ave. Merrick, NY 11566-2551.  E-mail the author.


About the Book
About the Author

There Are No Pictures

About the book

You won't know whether to laugh or cry, but you will feel on this emotional rollercoaster. Suspenceful,yet persuasively passionate, the autobiography pushes the definition of love to new dimensions.
Bernadette Waite, Retired English Teacher

There Are No Pictures delivers a wrench to the heart that renders the reader empathetic,and resonating to its tone. Skillfully scribed to convey a sense of ordinary life with its drama,intense pathos and rich imagery. 
Ann Spence, English Teacher York College

Lyrical and poetic. This is a book that we'll all return to again and again, revisiting the neighbors we met there, ready once more to laugh a little, share their hurt and shed a tear or two.
Annette Michael
Author of Sugar Is All and Hook, Line and Sinker


Love is a very mysterious thing- you never know who loves and how much? You never know who hates you and why they do? Somehow, I always knew I was different. Always in the company of my grandmother. I have always loved her and she had always and cared for me, but I never knew how much.
 My aunt called from Florida to say she took my mother for a checkup and the doctor immediatly put her in the hospital. He told her she had lung cancer. My mom was a heavy chain smoker. She had been hospitalized before for emphysema; she spent weeks in intensive care. She beat it then.She would this time too.

 It was about eight in the evening when I spoke to Carol again. The conversation lasted all of ten seconds.Carol whispered in a very compassionate way that she had just gotten off the phone with her mother and that she had heard the rumors a thousand years before and now I knew it was "all true." I don't remember when I hung up.

About the Author

Viginia di Monda McCauley is a high school Art Teacher for The Department of Educaion in New York City. She also teaches Painting and Drawing for York College,Oueens, NY. A professional artist, she designed and created the cover of her autobiography.Presently she resides in Long Island, New York with her family. 

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