Life in a Nuclear Magnetic Web by Bonnie L. Harter 162 pg perfect bound ISBN: 0-9743930-0-2, Library of Congress Control Number: 2003110111 $14.00 includes P&H. On this Science Fiction adventure you will join the explorers from the planet Elysia in the Olympian Universe, and will be able to enjoy new adventures and scientific developments with them.

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About the Book
About the Author

Life in a Nuclear Magnetic Web

About the book

 Life in a Nuclear Magnetic Web is a science fiction story about people from the planet Elysia in the Olympian Universe, which is located in one of many universes far out in infinite space. Their scientists have predicted that an asteroid 60-miles wide will hit their Elysian planet in about 125 years. King Jupiter, God of heavens and King of Gods, is sending a group of Elysian explorers to travel to planet Earth in search of technology that might nudge the meteor out of its present orbit. Should this plan fail, King Jupiter could move his Elysian people to planet Earth if his explorers find this planet a desirable place to live, and its people friendly.

 King Jupiter has asked his explorers to investigate how life began on this planet and to bring him reports on how its culture has progressed. Is this a civilization in which nations treat their people with humanity? He has heard about the many wars on Earth and he would like to know why.

 King Jupiter would also like to know more about Earth’s geoscientist, J. Marvin Herndon, and his new theory that the Earth’s core could be a giant nuclear reactor fueled by uranium 235 and 238. The people on planet Earth’s surface live above a 5-mile-wide deposit of solid uranium, which could be the source of Earth’s magnetic field and its four million megawatts of energy. King Jupiter wants to know if this nuclear core of uranium could be the source of the magnetic field that shields the Earth and all life from the solar wind. This wind from the sun is hot, ionized gas that is made of ionized particles and is traveling at a million miles per hour. When the solar wind hits Earth’s protective magnetic shield, some of the sun’s electrical particles escape at Earth’s poles and this produces, on Earth, extreme ultra-violet radiation. These particles also emit light called the Northern and Southern lights, or “auroras,” which give people on Earth a fantastic feeling of the infinite size and beauty of space!

 The importance of the magnetic field is noted throughout this book, for without it life could not exist on planet Earth. But this is only one of many discoveries that King Jupiter and his Elysian scientists make. As their vessel flies from their Olympian universe to the one of the Milky Way, they treat the reader to an imaginative journey that spans more than 4.5 billion years. We watch with them as the planet cools. We see the emergence and sheltering of new life. We look on as the first bacterial genes grow, providing the atmospheric oxygen we need to live. We stand watching, finally, as man begins to populate the earth, and as wars begin.

 Life in a Nuclear Magnetic Web is a free-wheeling fictional adventure carried out by fictional explorers, but an adventure grounded in modern scientific knowledge.

About the Author
Bonnie Harter brings extraordinary life experience to the pages of this delightful science fiction adventure. An RN for the Army Air Force during World War II, she would go on to raise six children and complete degrees in Anthropology and in Communication. In 1964 she appeared alone before the California State Senate Fact-finding Committee on Natural Resources. Here she presented factual information that would result in the addition of over 40 acres of oil-producing land, in the center of an oil field, to the California Tideland Trust. She is passionate about politics and world events and a voracious reader of new developments in science. In all her work one finds an abiding commitment to the humanistic, and to the necessity of building a world in which the interests of every individual are represented.

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