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About Old Mountain Press

   Self-publishing can be as exhilarating as finishing the climb. Like you, I am a writer and know the frustration involved in "getting published." With the help of my younger brother, a south Georgia lawyer, I dealt with that frustration in 1992 by forming the Old Mountain Press, Inc. We are now registered in North Carolina as Old Mountain Press & Software. As a registered press, we own a block of ISBN numbers and can provide you with one for $100.00 or we can advise you on how to set up your own press and purchase your own block of ISBNs. We have several books in print and more forthcoming. 
   Old Mountain Press (OMP) has assisted hundreds of writers self-publish their work. We assist first time authors as well as seasoned writers with several books to their credit. We have had authors as young as 16 and as old as 85.  Writers must provide their work error free on diskette or as an attached file via e-mail. We prefer files to be in an IBM compatible format using a program like WordPerfect, MS Word, etc.. If submitting a file created with a Mac, please save it in Rich Text Format (.rtf). 
   Few if any of us can do an adequate job editing our own stuff. Our editors can help you ready your material for self-publishing or for submission to an agent, publishing house, or magazine. They edit everything from short stories and position papers to novels and doctoral dissertations. They do light or heavy editing. They'll even help you students edit your term papers (not ghost write--sorry :-). Select an editor and e-mail him or her for more information and pricing. You'll be glad you did! We can also recommend someone who will retype your manuscript if it is hand written or typed and you don't have it on a computer disk. Contact us if you need this service. Also See Typing Assistance.
   Please note that Old Mountain Press is not a vanity press. We do not profess to market the writer's work, but we can advertise the writer's work through our books in print. and we will build a web page for your book at no cost and post it in our Books in Print section with your ordering information placed on your book's web page. We specialize in low cost, short run (200 minimum), high quality perfect-bound book production. 
   You can get an estimate from us by filling out this electronic mailto form or compute the estimate yourself by viewing our FAQ on cost.
   Our printer has a wide variety of full-color cover designs. Many of them are at no charge. See our FAQ page or click here to go directly our cover selections. 
     If you would like a saddle-stapled book, we can typeset it for you and you can then take the typeset galley to some place like Office Max and have any number printed on paper you pick out for the inside and cover.  This can save you quite a bit of money.  You simply have to take what we send you in camera ready format (A 40 page book will have page 1 to the left and page 40 to the right on an 8.5 X 11 size page in horizontal position).  We will prepare the camera ready copy for your collection of poetry or short stories at $4.00 per page with a minimum charge of $100.00. See our FAQ on minimum run. For an estimate on this please contact us. All books’ page count must be divisible by four. 
   There are good reasons to self-publish, and there are bad reasons to self-publish. Consider this carefully, and if you are interested in self-publishing through Old Mountain Press, please contact us.
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For the Writer:
  • Pulitzer Prizes
  • Writers Write The Write Resource 
  • North Carolina Writers' Network
  • NetWest a part of NC Writers Network. .
  • North Carolina Poetry Society   The Poetry Society holds regular meetings three times a year in Southern Pines, North Carolina, at the  Weymouth Center for the Arts and Humanities. Our meeting dates are usually the third Saturdays of January, May, and September, when we gather for a day of poetry and programs from 9:30 a.m. until about 3:30 p.m. We also sponsor the annual Sam Ragan Poetry Festival at Weymouth, usually the third Saturday in June. Participants often wear bow ties and/or straw hats in memory of Sam Ragan, North Carolina Poet Laureate from 1982 to 1996

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  • Pushcart Prize Fellowships
  • North Carolina Poetry Society offers an annual poetry contest. Normally submissions must be post marked in early January. All category judges will be distinguished poets residing outside North Carolina. All winning poems will be published in the NCPS poetry contest anthology Pinesong. Winning poets will be invited to read their winning poems at Awards Day
  • Poetry in Plain Site is a program bringing poetry to downtown Winston-Salem. Four poems are chosen each month and displayed on posters in sixteen shop windows throughout Winston-Salem’s Arts District and downtown. Submission is FREE!!!

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