Porch Songs & Parlor Tunes by Ron Jones ISBN: 1-931575-24-X, 44 pg. saddle-stitched, $7.00 + $1.75 P&H. Published by New Renaissance Press in conjunction with Old Mountain Press. Ron Jones' Porch Songs & Parlor Tunes are poems that dance  on the edge of serious poetry, and sometimes over, but mostly  they skip-rope right on the precipice of some place exhilarating. To order send check or money order to Ron Jones, 925 N. Northwest Hwy, Park Ridge, IL 60068 E-mail: admin at dwpoet.com

Porch Songs & Parlor Tunes 

I Began Wanting

to say something straight
from the heart, maybe something 
about my daughter, or perhaps
it was my lover I wanted to speak
to. It really doesn’t matter, all 
that ancient mystery.
The pump is broken, the water not potable,
dangerously high nitrate levels. The postman
drives up the road, delivers mail,
letters full of risky notions, a book 
on the rise and fall of capitalism.

The air is clear the way air 
will be when sunlight touches a woman’s hair. 
This is no novelty but a kind of subtraction 
like the hard oak floors we sanded and stained
before we began

to wake apart. You can go back now
to whatever it is you were doing
that was so damned important.

About the Author

Ron Jones is from Iowa. He sometimes calls himself a poetry  board bum, a rake and a rambling boy. His writing has been  published in literary magazines, newspapers and online. He has two daughters and lives with a Madonna. 

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