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Rivers and Prayers is a murder mystery and a must read for anyone who loves New England.  Written by an expatriate living in Saudi Arabia, the novel offers a unique perspective of American life.  This is a novel for men - and for women who would understand men.  For more about this book, see below.
Rivers and Prayers

About the Book

“Women and children first is a noble gesture if your on the Titanic and it is going down, but it is no way to run a county.” --Morris Woodman
The feminist movement and the recession of the early 1990s created a world that no longer works for men.  In this world, men are often assumed to be suspect and somehow tainted just because they are men.  A generation of men has arrived at middle age bewildered by losses such as bankruptcy and divorce.  Yet, the measure of their loss is not in things but in the disconnection from the world of their fathers - worlds which reach back for time out of mind.

“It’s the economy, stupid!  Not exactly.” --Morris Woodman

The Emperor has new clothes.  The spin of our national discourse, both in mode and content, has become increasingly feminine in its sensibilities.  It is no mystery that the world is now shaped by polls and talk shows, by opinions rather than by beliefs.  And it is no mystery that by in large men are disinterested in this world.

“As a man I have learned the following.  Look at love and it disappears.  Close your eyes, and love swallows you whole.”  --Morris Woodman

    It is true that men express themselves with difficulty.  But if they could speak, it would be in a dark and dangerous book such as this.

About the Author

Mr. Greenwood was born and raised in southern New Hampshire.  He holds degrees in English from UNH and Rivier College.  Since 1993 he has lived and worked in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  For the past two years he has worked as an English Instructor at Jeddah Teachers College.  

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