President Saddam Hussein Interviewed by French Journalist, Now in eBook at $0.99. This is a reprint of a booklet found in one Saddam Hussein’s palaces during Operation Iraqi Freedom. In this May 31, 1983 interview with Hussein the French Journalist, Charles Saint-Prot asks Saddam questions pertaining to:
  • Iraq-Iran war
  • Iraqi-Soviet relations
  • French-Iraqi relations
  • Iraq’s Arab relations. 
In light of what we now know, this booklet makes for very interesting reading.

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About the Book

About the book

This is a reprint of a booklet found in one Saddam Hussein’s palaces. During Operation Iraqi Freedom. The intervener, Charles Saint-Prot, is France's foremost specialists on Iraq and Director of the Middle East Studies at the International Academy of Geo-politics at the Sorbonne University in Paris. He has advised successive governments as to French policy with regard to the Middle East and Arab world. He is an outspoken critic of United States involvement in Iraq and the United States in general. He is a self-proclaimed Gaullist French national and a "man of struggle".

This booklet was originally printed in 1984 by AL – HURIA PRINTING HOUSE Baghdad, Iraq.

In this interview, French Journalist and at that time the Chairman of the French Peace Committee for the Middle East, Charles Saint-Prot asks questions of President Saddam Hussein.

The interviewer’s questions focused on four main issues:
• The Iraq-Iran war
• Iraqi-Soviet relations
• French-Iraqi relations
• Iraq’s Arab relations.

Some of the questions asked and answered are:

• On what basis would peace [between Iraq and Iran] be established, since Iraq has so far made many concessions for the sake of peace?
• It is rumored by some western analysts that the economic situation in Iraq is bad and some even say that it is disastrous. Would Your Excellency give us an idea of the economic  situation [in Iraq]?
• Would it be an economic bulwark if Khomeini seized the Gulf?
• Is Your Excellency pleased with the stands of the Arab governments towards this war?
• Does Your Excellency believe that there are countries that play a double game and may not consequently be distressed to see Iraq and Iran at war?
• Is Your Excellency prepared to tolerate the activities of a Communist Party in Iraq?
• Concerning Franco-Iraqi relations, I believe Your Excellency has talked about them favorably. Is Your Excellency pleased with the results of the talks recently held in Paris by Tareq Aziz?
• There is another partner, the Soviet Union, whose role in this war has not always been clear. How are relations at present between Iraq and the Soviet Union? 

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