Seasons of Love by G. Richard Rountree (90 pages perfect bound) ISBN: 1-931575-04-5, $9.95 +$1.55 P&H.  Seasons of Love is a perfect bound 90 page book of 64 poems. There are four chapters, each a different season. The poems either have a seasonal theme, or correspond to a season of life. To order send check or money order to G. Richard Rountree, PO BOX 142, Toccoa, GA 30577. E-mail:


There is a moment when souls touch
like children clasping hands and spinning
in the wonderment of simply being

the union of hands forms an axis
a bond not solidified by time
yet they both know
if one were to let go
each would break away
in an altered direction

nevermore the same

I guess we all search for the hand
that will never let go
a refuge in a world fraught with sadness
at the same time brimming with joy

Seasons of Love

About the Book

What Readers are saying:

I was surprised and delighted to see your book of poetry yesterday . I didn't get a chance to look at everything, but what I saw was thought-provoking and enticing. Your writing displayed a sense of elegant balance that made me want to readmore. And I will. Ginny, who seldom reads poetry, had trouble putting your book down. I think that speaks volumes. 

You are in for a treat!! My book just came today while we were planting flowers, so I read poetry to Bruce while he worked!! You will be amazed, you will be touched, you will remember, you will be sad, you will wish, you will love it. 

Thanks for sending the book. It came today. It's so lovely. I read the whole thing as soon as I opened it. I wondered if I inspired any of those written words (so long ago now it seems). 

I think the book is wonderful...i have read 90% of them already.

The Seasons of Love is beautiful, I will always cherish it. 

Thank You!!!! The book is wonderful. I really enjoyed it. I showed it to all my girls, they were really impressed.

I got the book!!!! I have read thru the first season, and it is just as I suspected it would be!!! Marvelous!!!

I showed one of the poems to the guy I am seeing now and told him it reminded me of me and him, he thought it was lovely too.

Richard's book is excellent. I read the entire thing in one evening. It left me wanting more. 


About the Author

G. Richard Rountree grew up in the foothills of North Georgia.  After a tour in the Navy, he lived in Gainesville, Georgia for 20 years where he developed a love of writing poetry. He now lives in Toccoa, Georgia with his two cats, Caspian and Athena. 

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