Seed of Endurance: An  Autobiography of SGM Rudy Cooper’s Military and Personal Life by Rudy Cooper 290 pg $20.00 + $2.50 P&H  This autobiography is written by a true warrior who was awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge for service in World War II, Korea, and with Special Forces in Vietnam. It is a vivid account of the struggles to survive in the most demanding of situations and of the family that stood by this most remarkable soldier. Published by Old Mountain Press. E-mail for questions concerning ordering the book..

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About the Book
About the Author

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Tales from the Teamhouse

Seed of Endurance

About the book

“This story needs to be told” is what Rudy Cooper heard from many people in this country and abroad. After much persuasion he vividly recorded the memoirs of his life and brings them alive in the pages of Seed of Endurance. We can feel his adventurous spirit as he takes us into the 1940’s, sailing on the Queen Elizabeth a British liner that was unescorted and bound for England. He gives us a feel of the young men who knew they were facing the horrors of war but were still able to keep their sense of humor over warm beer and hot and cold running maids. He doesn’t hold back as he wrote about Korea describing the plight of the Infantryman in combat. “The strongest men have  broken under the continuous strain and horrendous sights and sounds of close combat.”   He shares his sorrow of the loss of both of his sons, and the reason why he served six campaigns in Viet Nam. When he was ready to retire and see the country that he fought for, he has a total parachute malfunction. The accident only makes him more determined to keep on moving forward and prevails the seed of endurance that has always been embedded in the depth of his soul.

“Hey Kid”, the deep voice sounded over the creaks and groans of the battered ship. “Sing 'Danny Boy' for us.”

     In a tenor pitch, I hummed a couple of bars, closing my eyes as not to watch the swaying hammock. Other voices joined in until “Danny Boy” filled the cramped quarters.

Glancing to the right, I saw the Reserve handle falling along side of me. “Dear God” I whispered as I heard them screaming from the ground. “Pull your reserve! Pull your reserve!” But I already had.

In shock, Laslo watched his friend hit the ground near the turn-in point. “No!” he shouted, staring at Cooper's frail body on the ground.

I felt the ground go out from underneath me as I plunged into a mantrap full of puniji stakes. The sharp points jabbed into my right leg and knee. I suppressed a yell as I pulled the sharp spears out of the right leg.

The next night, enemy bombers swept the sky in waves across the starlit sky. More ships were hit. Anti-Aircraft fire was deafening and a wall of tracers poured skyward from the convoy.

About the Author

At a very young age Rudy Cooper needed to get as far away as possible from his abusive father. When he became 18 years old in 1941 he volunteered for the Army through the draft. His determination led him into many different battles through thirty-one countries in thirty years. He fought against Hitler’s powerful German armies in North Africa and in Italy with Recon Company of the 805th Tank Destroyer Battalion, many times as Infantry. After being discharged in July of 1945 with disabilities he enlisted in the Regular Army. Later he had to falsified his medical records so he could qualify for Infantry in Korea with the 24th Infantry division.
      Cooper served a tour in Vietnam in a Special Forces A-Team and a tour with the highly classified MACVSOG and two tours in Thailand in highly classified installations. From the little wool knit cap to the Green Beret he earned the  Combat Infantryman's Badge 3rd Award. With only twelve days left to complete his 30 years of military service and during his last parachute jump his parachute and reserve both malfunction. SGM Cooper found himself fighting new battles and challenges.

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