Licensed, Ordained, and Chosen: A Practical Guide for Ministers and Elders by Elder Leon Senegar ISBN 978-0-9759420-2-4 80 pages is an instructional tool and reference for persons who believe they are called into the Gospel ministry of Jesus Christ. It provides practical tips to success and keys to maintaining stamina as you go forth in the work of the Kingdom of God. To purchase a copy send check or money order to Elder Leon Senegar P. O. Box 270327, Las Vegas, Nevada 89127 E-mail the author. Phone: 702.545.5101 Fax: 702.878.2151


About the Book
About the Author

About the book

As you turn the pages of this book it is evident that God has placed a special calling on the life of Elder Leon Senegar. This servant of God does not take the word “servanthood” lightly.   He has truly been blessed with a special anointing to serve God’s people with a spirit of excellence.  I have had the opportunity to see God use him in many areas of ministry over the years.

This book is an excellent blueprint to effective servanthood.   Elder Senegar shares vital information to improving your service skills as you serve your leader. I am confident that after reading this book your service and ministry will go to the next level.

~Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. 
Senior Pastor, Greater Stephen Ministries, New Orleans/Atlanta
Presiding Bishop, Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International 

About the Author

*Resides in Las Vegas, Nevada - Born in France, reared in Fayetteville, North Carolina
*Baptized at age 9, Friendship Baptist Church, Fayetteville, North Carolina, Late Dr. B. L. Rich, Senior Pastor
*Became Member of the Saints Memorial Church of God in Christ of Lake Charles, Louisiana at age 14, under the leadership of the Late Elder J. J.  Davis, Senior Pastor
*United with the Greater Saint Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church of New Orleans, Louisiana in October, 1989, under the pastoral leadership of Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. and Co-Pastor Debra B. Morton. Served as Founder/Director of “Free Indeed” Ministries, President of the GSS Ministerial Alliance, and Secretary of the GSS Elders Council (Lead Elders). Received numerous awards for outstanding service and excellence including the prestigious GSS” Elder of the Year” Award for 1997, 1998 1999, and 2002 respectively. *Father of Chastity Elizabeth Senegar of Orlando, Florida. Pastor, *Professional Educator, Ecclesiastical Trainer
Assistant Pastor, Greater New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church
1100 North D Street, Las Vegas, Nevada 89106
Office (702) 648-1784, Fax (702) 648-0473

Senior Pastor, President of Corporation
Original Morning Star Full Gospel Baptist Church of New Orleans, Louisiana, 
Office (504) 947-4682       Fax (504) 943-7963      Web Address-
Master of Arts – Educational Leadership, 
Xavier University of Louisiana, New Orleans, Louisiana

Master of Arts – Religious Education
Friends International Christian University, Merced, California
Bachelor of Science - Business Administration – Marketing / Management, McNeese State University, Lake Charles, Louisiana
Gifts of Healing, Discerning of Spirits, Word of Knowledge and Wisdom, Administration
Born Leader, Gifted Teacher, Orator, and Preacher, Organizer and Team Player

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