Swim to the Light: One Man's Journey to Freedom by Terry L. Clark ISBN 978-0-9817367-0-9 $12.99 + $2.50 P&H (add 7% sales tax if mailed to a Florida address).The true story of a man, who when he was fifteen, swam the Guantanamo Bay to escape Castro. 
Nominated for a 2009 Pushcart Prize
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About the Book
About the Author

About the book

In 1965, at the age of fifteen, Alfonso Dominguez swam the Guantanamo Bay to escape Castro. This is a compelling story of one mans search for freedom. After mostly seven years of oppression, Al finally experienced his freedom as he reached the US Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay. But it took several more years before he could finally be free from all the horrors of his past.


    Not knowing how long we had been in the water, I think about two hours, we heard the Cuban Coast Guard boat coming. We could see their searchlight in the distance, as it would pan the waters in front of the boat. We signaled each other to stop and wait and not make any movement. We wanted to see which way the boat would go. With only one boat patrolling the bay that night, we thought we might not see it at all. But we were wrong. It was heading directly for us. We were trying to remain calm and not panic, but the fear that was overcoming us was almost unbearable.

     Now I am so close that I can even see the guards in the posts with their rifles. And then, before I knew it, I started to hear gunfire and bullets hitting the water all around me. The sound of those bullets hitting the water was to haunt me for years to come. 

     I thought, here we go again. I canít believe that Iíve gotten this close, and now Iím going to be shot and killed here in the water within sight of my freedom. 

About the Author

Terry L. Clark has served as a worship pastor for thirty-nine years. He and his wife, Colette, have recorded five custom recordings during this span, with the latest being "Forever One, Forever a Family". Terry has resided in Lakeland, Florida for the past thirteen years, along with his wife and three children. For six and a half years he published a local Christian magazine in Polk County. "Swim to the Light" is his first book.

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