No Rooms in Tara and Other Red Clay Stories (125 pg. perfect bound) ISBN1-884778-13-5, $8.95. A collection of short stories centering around a rural South Georgia town. Fred Causey, 500 N. 3rd St., Vienna, GA 31092.  E-mail wizoz at


About the Book
About the Author

No Rooms in Tara

About the book

This collection of novellas, short stories, and poems are set in a small south Georgia town, Mercy's Station, over the course of several years and is about people you either know or could be related to.  These stories have been described as "southern fried."

Pansy put the postcard in the sideboard until she had time to put it in her book, one of many that she had filled over the years.  If anyone wanted a verification of Pansy Louise Kyndrell Marsh’s existence, it could be found in there.  Her husband, Frank, had once referred to them as scrapbooks, and Pansy had been quick to inform him that these were memories, not scraps; therefore Pansy always called them her Memory Books.

About the Author

Fred Causey has lived in south Georgia all of his life and knows the interesting, colorful, and sometimes outrageous people who live there.  He is a Media Specialist in Dooly County and has written stories, poems, and plays since he first learned to write.  Many of his plays have been produced locally.

Besides writing, he is an avid collector of television and movie memorabilia.  Among his collecting interests are Tarzan, Dark Shadows, I Love Lucy, and Harry Potter; but his pride and joy is his extensive Wizard of Oz collection which is considered the largest in the south east.

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