The Great Blue Ridge Manhunt: The Missing Pieces by Evelyn L. Thomas, ISBN: 978-1-931575-72-0, $13.95 + $2.50 P&H. In the freezing pre-dawn hours of January 9th 1919, shots rang out as U.S. Marshal Ben Dixon entered the Crawley home in the North Georgia mountains. He was looking for George Crawley- a young man who was considered a deserter from the war. George, along with his brother and cousin took off on foot on a trail that would cross 3 states and would be considered one of the biggest manhunts the south had ever seen. To order send check or money order to Eve Thomas, 105 Bunny Lane, Fayetteville, GA 30215-5408. Email the author.
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About the Book
About the Author

About the book

This book is the sequel to Alone in the Iris City. It is a true story of the famous Crawley manhunt, with a continued story of how the family lived after the manhunt and how they eventually died-missing pieces that have been locked away until now. The story is told as seen through the eyes of the child taken in and raised by the outlaw family. 

Sample of the work:
The family name was spelled Crowley when Felix Sr. left his homeland of Ireland, but later on the surname Crawley became widely used. Felix came to America in 1850; he was just 16 years old at that time. He honed his Geology and Mining skills, perfecting his craft, which lead him southward to Tennessee. As mining companies sought his expertise, he worked his way further south, eventually settling in the North Georgia Mountains where he continued to search for mining prospects.

By 1917, those mountains of North Georgia had become a haven for uneasy souls. The heavily wooded hills and the valleys surrounding them concealed moonshine stills, gave hermits solitude and hid young men who were running away from military duty or dodging the draft during World War I. The young men in hiding were called “deserters” or “slackers.” 

A shocker, a heart-breaker, a true life story of life given, life taken and life never lived. 

About the Author

Evelyn L. Thomas was left to be raised by the family shortly after her birth in 1962. Her first book Alone in the Iris City was based on her childhood. Shortly after that book's release, a booksigning was held in the town of Griffin, GA. That signing brought insight into family secrets that she had never heard mention of before, putting her on a quest for answers, and once again in front of her computer writing for the second time.

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