The Last Ride by Jim Gibson ISBN 978-0-9721351-8-9 $14.95 + $2.50 P&H 211 pgs. An action-packed Western novel set outside Tucson, Arizona in the 1870s.  Retired from the Indian Wars, and over the hill, Joe Blaine is forced to strap on his guns and face four killers in order to save his best friend's son, and to find happiness with Maria.  To order send check or money order to James Gibson, PO Box 51, Novi, MI  48376 or order on line from


About the Book
About the Author

About the book

A Western novel in the tradition of Luke Short and Louis L'Amour.  Joe Blaine has survived the Indian Wars only to find himself unemployed, widowed, and eking out a living trading horses.  When his best friend's son Jose, and Jose's aunt Maria ride into Joe's life, Joe is forced to strap on his guns and face a showdown with four armed killers.  Only then can he rescue Jose and find happiness with Maria. An action-packed traditional Western set outside Tucson, Arizona in the 1870s.

Ennis burst through the door and leapt to one side as Joe and Jose followed close behind, revolvers drawn.  Paco's body and those of three other men lay sprawled where they had fallen at the first onslawght.  Hecker sat behind a table idly shuffling cards.  A revolver lay on the table near his right hand.  Joe looked around the room.  Where was Simmons?
    "Put the guns away," Hecker said.  "It's time to talk."

About the Author

In THE LAST RIDE, James Gibson, author of the 5-book Anasazi Princess series, returns to his love of the action-packed Westerns of the 30s.  Jim retired from an international auto company, and launched a second career writing novels.  Jim recently returned from a 10-day survey of Mayan ruins in the Yucatan, including Palenque, the "Center" of the Anasazi quest depicted in Anasazi Triumph.  THE LAST RIDE is Jim's sixth book.

Jim welcomes reader inquiries or comments at

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