Under the Umbrella of Ministry: Surviving a Landmine of Offense by N. William Lewis 287 pg $13.00 +$2.00 P&H chronicles an experience that exposes the spirits of manipulation and divination that openly operate in many of today's pulpits. No matter what situation you find yourself in or what umbrella your offense was committed under, the message of this book is that you can be free!!!
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  • Thanks to everyone who express interest in this project.
  • Special thanks to Old Mountain Press for partnering with me in this project. To my wife and kids for their love and support.
  • To my sisters, nieces and nephews for their love. 
  • This book is dedicated to everyone who has been adversely affected under the umbrella of ministry. 
  • Look for William’s next project entitled Sin in the Camp.


About the Book
About the Author

Under the Umbrella of Ministry

About the book

The Bible is not silent on any challenge that we face. In the life and ministry of Jesus Himself, He addresses the issue of false teachers and the end times in Matthew 24 and in Luke 21.

From the priest molestations to the terrorist attacks of 9-11 we are plagued with story after story whereby someone commits an act under the umbrella called ministry.

Under the Umbrella of Ministry describes one such story and promises to usher you into an understanding that we have a Heavenly Father Who promises to never leave you of forsake you. 

You will learn Five Keys that will unlock the doors to any prison and set you on course to being made whole!!!


There’s an epidemic sweeping the Body of Christ – “there’s sin in the camp.” Somehow we have allowed the enemy to entice us into becoming concerned about hype than holiness.

The result of such depravity hinders this nation from and authentic move of God but it can have a rippling affect that has the potential to destroy lives. 

Under the Umbrella of Ministry describes a journey through overcoming the spirits of divination and manipulation. In the final chapter you will find Five Keys that will unlock the doors to the prison that may be holding you and set you on course to being made whole!!!

About the Author

William Lewis a native of Baltimore, Maryland has tapped into the gift of writing and has written a provocative and insightful book that promises to expose the kingdom of darkness.

A graduate of New Destiny Bible College and School of Ministry, William was set apart for the work of the ministry over 10 years ago. 

A teacher to the Body of Christ with a prophetic anointing, William has ministered the Word in church and classroom settings with signs following. 

In obedience to the call of God upon his life, William believes that it is time to cry loud and spare not (Isaiah 58:1) and bring awareness to the fact that there are three dominating spirits that openly operate in many of today’s pulpits –  manipulation, domination and divination. These spirits must be exposed and made subject to the kingdom of God and His Christ.

William is most thankful for his ministry as a husband, father, brother, and uncle because his earnest prayer is that in everything he does – God is glorified –  because It’s All About Him!!!

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