Things Left Behind  by Stanford O. Lewis, ISBN 0-9785066-0-X  290 pg - book cost $15.00 + $3.25 S&H(USA), $4:95 S&H (Canada), $10:00 worldwide.  This book is reminiscent of the fifties, sixties, seventies in the Caribbean when life was different. E-mail the author.

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About the Book
About the Author

About the book

Readers' Comments
".. man, I could relate to every story in this book. 'Lawd', it took me back to
my early days in St. Kitts. It brought back to life many of the popular
characters and stories that I had forgotten. Everyone must read this

"... I am 80 years old and was born in the USA. My parents are from St.
Kitts. It reminds me of many of the stories my parents told us. I
could not stop reading it. It brought back such fond memories of my
parents and the stories about the island ..."

"... I laughed out loud. I cried, I shook with excitement. The bus driver
almost called the authorities to report a crazy woman disturbing the
peace. Everyone on the bus thought I had lost it. Lord, this book is too sweet." 

A calm nostalgic drive, a reflection of consicnence
Longing for the old small house with less convenience
A memory rewind of how it was back in the day
When life was simple, caring, different in many way
But time is a thief that eventually robs your mind
Absence a culpable accomplice lucking not far behind
Each mile an unraveling reminder of the days I miss
Slowly recovering from the shock, I'm in St. Kitts

Old Landmarks recalled history lessons to mind
Time, places, events and things left behind
Native Arawaks, Caribs, Caribs against Arawaks
Carib rock drawings and the reported vicious attacks
Columbus, Old Road, Bloody Point, Thomas Warner
Plantation, tobacco, sugar, cotton, cheap slave labor
French, English versus French, English colonization
Brimstone Hill, Fort Charles, battle for possession 

About the Author

Stanford O. Lewis was born in St. Kitts, West Indies. He received his early education at the Sandy Point High School and at the Basseterre Senior High School Sixth Form. He was a telegraph operator before migration to the United States. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and a Master of Science degree from Stevens Institute of Technology. He currently employed as a senior telecommunications systems engineer with a leading telecommunications company. This is his first book.

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