To Touch The Past:  Appalachian Life Centered in Fannin County, Georgia by Dr. Kathleen Thompson ISBN 978-0-9818712-0-2 346 pages, Through interviews of the area’s oldest residents, photos, and historical research a portrait of the Appalachian peoples of Fannin County emerges.  The achievements of extraordinary figures and the daily lives of ordinary folk come alive. $16.00 + $4.00 P&H. To order send check or money order to: Dr. Kathleen Thompson,  85 Nacoma Lane, Blue Ridge GA 30513. Email the author.

NOTE: A second volume is expected to be published in the summer of 2009.

About the Book
About the Author

About the book

:  Learn about the area’s geography, Native Peoples, and music.  Read about and experience life on a mountain farm between 1910 and 1940.  Most of all enjoy what is an informative, relaxing read.

Sample of the work:

Immigrants from Lebanon and Greece

 While small in numbers, the immigrant community in Fannin County and the Copper Basin area were and are an important part of the society. Families like the Maloofs, Jabaleys, Boulaukos, Xiriches, and Gaitanaglou brought with them ethnic cooking, old country traditions, Roman and Orthodox Catholicism, and a strong work ethic.  They became successful business people, gave back to their communities.

Grace Allen, Evangelist

    Grace Allen was a Pentecostal evangelist for over five decades.  "She was on fire for the Lord," local resident Robin Davenport recalls.  "She didn't stay behind the pulpit but moved around the altar exhorting with authority. The piano playing and singing would get you just as excited as her preaching."

    Even more remarkable is that Grace preached in a region not known for accepting women in positions of church leadership. When I asked her if anyone ever challenged her right as a woman to preach she replied firmly, "It didn't matter.  I was called to preach by the Lord and I answer to God not man." 

About the Author

Kathleen Thompson moved to North Georgia in 1971 and was enchanted by the area.  Since then she has documented the rich heritage of the area through books, articles and crafts organizations.  After 37 years as an art teacher Kathleen has retired and can devote more time to her beloved mountains and it's people.  In addition to writing she paints and does nature photography.

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