Truth For Christians: by Edward S. Ferner, Sr., 122 page perfect bound, $10.95 + $2.50 (in U.S.) and $4.50 (international) P&H. The results of a life-long Christian journey and where it has brought the author. Published 2007. To order your copy, send check or money order made out to EDWARD FERNER, 350 Palomino Lane, San Martin, CA 95046. All international forms of payment must be payable through a U. S. bank by the requestor.


About the Book
About the Author

About the book

What does the Bible really say about the future? This book challenges Christians with respect to Bible prophecy. Everyday actions and statements made by Christians are contrasted with those stated in the Scriptures. What about being "Left Behind?” Is that a biblical imperative or the invention of man? Will the earth someday be destroyed? Will Jesus set up a physical kingdom here on earth some time in the future? These and other Christian beliefs are the focus of this book.

Each chapter concludes with a series of questions that may be used in small groups or by the individual reader.


God is Spirit and lives in every believing Christian.

God does not come and go from the Christians life.

Feelings are not a method used to confirm the presence of God in a person’s life.

Jesus Christ told His disciples that the temple in Jerusalem would be destroyed and that He Himself would come back (Parousia, presence) after His resurrection. All of this would take place during the lifetime of some of His disciples.

The Jerusalem Temple was destroyed and Jesus did come back circa AD 70.

There are two covenants in the Bible. The Old Covenant and the New Covenant.

Christians live today under the provisions of the New Covenant.

The Old Covenant was temporary; the New Covenant is permanent (eternal).

The Bible does not teach that God is someday going to destroy the world and create a new one.

The most accurate dating for the writing of the book of Revelation is AD 68.

The kingdom of God is present today and resides in the believing Christian.

About the Author

Ed has either been a Christian or has attended a Christian church all of his life. He did not come to a biblical understanding of what makes a person a Christian until 1975. At the writing of this book he is now seventy years of age.

It was not until later in his Christian pilgrimage that Ed discovered that “church” is not a building at all, but rather the sum total of all those who believe in Jesus Christ.

Ed received his biblical training/education from a major denomination in the United States. However, his organized, institutional church experience covers at least four major denominations and non-denominations including a period of time in a house church fellowship group.

As Ed continued on his Christian journey he became aware of major differences in what is taught in traditional Christian churches and what the Scriptures themselves clearly state as truth. This discovery resulted in his launching an Internet cyber church that has touched individuals throughout the world.

Ed lives with his wife Eileen (a like-minded believer) in San Martin, California. They have four children and eight grand children.

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